Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Favorite Beatle

I FINALLY have a favorite Beatle: Ringo, as in my horse Ringo Star! Yup, a week ago I bought Ringo. He's a chestnut/white pinto quarter-horse cross. I totally love him!
When he saw me, he walked over to me. Aww! 
When I said goodbye, he just stared at me. 
But as I turned to walk away, I'm pretty sure he said goodbye, too. If you look closely, you can see his lips moving. LOL 
Off I go to ride Ringo. Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Quick Look at July

Woo hoo! I'm actually posting for the second time this week. Kristy will be so happy!

July was spectacular! My sweet friend, Robyn, came for a visit. We spent two days in Kennebunkport. If you've never been there, it's definitely worth a trip. It's a charming New England town.
This was the view from our room.
The "downtown" area is itty bitty. We walked/shopped the whole thing in a few hours. Of course, I did what I love to do: I took a bazillion photos. :)
Miss Christy, you know how much I love to take water reflection photos. As you can see, I was in my happy zone.
The Maine cost is quite rocky, so you don't see many sandy beaches.
Here's the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport. What a beautiful locale!
Thinking about purchasing a tiny Kennebunkport cottage? I'm sure you could pick up this beauty for a few million.
I moved from CO to MA nearly twelve years ago. Robyn, like me, loves baseball. Every time she has visited, she's hoped to go to Fenway Park for a game. Every time she has come, the Red Sox have been out of town. Finally, she and the Sox were in MA at the same time!
Robyn watched me ride during a lesson. She took this pic of me with Lizzie. Yup, Lizzie is the horse that I fell off of and broke my tailbone. As you can see, I took my mama's advice and got back on the horse! LOL Actually, my mama might think I'm crazy for getting back on after breaking my tailbone, but eh. Broken bones happen. :)
Robyn and Emma: two of my favorite girls!
Not long after Robyn left (boo hoo, I still miss her), we celebrated Brennan's birthday. 
In my last post, I told you that Brittany bought her own home. (WOO HOO! SO proud of her!) We spent several weeks helping Brittany repaint the entire interior of her home. She let Emma choose the colors for her new room. Emma chose purple. BRIGHT purple. I. Love. It.
While Brittany was in D.C., Emma and I did a wee bit of shopping
and lunched at The Cheesecake Factory. And what's a lunch date without a goofy photo?

We also played miniature golf
followed by BIG scoops of ice cream.
Towards the end of July, Rick and I went to CO to visit our bosom buddies Vic and Mo. Their granddaughter, Sophia, REALLY likes Papa!
Kapow! Done with July! I'm inching closer to October!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, October 20, 2014

June In A Nutshell

I know, I know. Nearly a month ago, I promised to get caught up on my blogging. :( For today, here's a quick recap of June.

Emma's gymnastics class wound down for the year with a show. Here are a few highlights.
Next up: Father's Day!
Here's Emma holding Fenway. It's a miracle that I captured this. Fenway is pretty wiggly.
We celebrated Emma's last day of school.
Here she is with her BFF.
The really big news is that Brittany bought her own home! It's 1/2 of a really awesome duplex. So proud of my girl!
Of course, we had to celebrate with champagne!
There you go!