Monday, September 22, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!

It's been three months since I've blogged. That should tell you how busy life has been! Since it would take me another three months just to catch up, I'm going to resort to speed blogging. Get your running shoes ready!

In early June, the girls and I spent a weekend in Mystic, CT. Emma loves the Mystic aquarium. (Just FYI, all of the animals in this aquarium are rescues. If they can return to the wild and survive, they are released. If not, they have a nice home there.)
We were mesmerized by this beluga whale playing with a long ribbon. Who knew that there are toys for whales?
Emma loves the California sea lions. This one is named Victoria, which happens to be my mom's name. Emma waved at this sea lion and said, "Hi, Grandma Scott!"
Kristy, I still remember how much you loved the little turtles you had in your backyard about 20 years ago. This photo is for you. :)
Okay, Emma, my advice to you is NEVER kiss a frog!
The aquarium also has a bird room.
Did I mention that the birds like to hitchhike?
Emma loves to hand feed the stingrays. 
Have you ever seen a blue lobster (or, as it's known in Boston, a lobstah)?
Faces only a mother could love...
Here are some photos I took while we were strolling through the town.
We even found some fascinators! Christy, do these remind you of England?
I leave you with a beautiful sunset.

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