Monday, June 2, 2014

The Last of Napa

I am FINALLY here with the last of our Napa pics. Hooray! So on our last day there, we toured Schramsberg Vineyard, a wonderful champagne winery. Well, it isn't actually champagne. It's sparkling wine. The scoop is that only sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France can be called champagne. Sparkling wine from Italy is called prosecco. At any rate, I love champagne! Of course, the problem is that I don't like the cheap stuff. I like the really good stuff, such as Dom Perignon from France. My second fave is the really good stuff from Schramsberg. On to the tour. I didn't get any photos of the actually vineyards, mostly because it was pouring. I did get a few photos near the main building.
Anywho, here's where the owners of Schramsberg live, right there on the vineyard grounds. Maybe this could be our retirement home!
I love this metal sculpture! I think we need one for our front yard. Rick isn't convinced.
There's a charming little lily pond next to the house.
I was permitted to take photos in the underground wine caves. Check out the moss hanging from the ceiling. Kinda cool, yet kinda creepy.

This is where we stopped to taste the sparkling wines.
Here we are, the Fab Four!
When we went back outside, it was pouring again. Click on this photo for a cool shot of raindrops hitting the pond surface.
While we tasted our way through Napa with Vic and Mo, Brittany and Emma were playing in CO with Alex and Sophia (the daughter and granddaughter of Vic and Mo). Here's some proof that our MiniMe Peeps had as much fun as we did! They spent an entire day at the zoo.
Emma and Sophia took home matching giraffes. So cute!
Emma loved touring the Celestial Seasonings tea factory.
That's it for Napa. I'm almost caught up now! ha!

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