Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Painter of My Soul

April is National Poetry Month, so I though I'd dabble with free verse. Here's my offering for today.

Painter of My Soul
by Vicki Scott Burns

This canvas
each thread woven by Your hand
tattered and tainted by mine
unworthy of the easel

Yet touched by grace
threads humbly yield
to pigments pure, unstained
the palette of salvation

Refining brushstrokes 
intimate, resolute
layer after layer
until transformation is complete

Human eyes
upon this portrait
perfection fail to see
unto itself, the canvas scarred and shamed appears

But by the Master of the brush
eternal beauty is beheld
the Portraitist shall not 
turn His gaze away

Painter of my soul
are You
to me

Copyright © 2014 by Vicki Scott Burns and by, Inc. All rights reserved.

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