Monday, March 17, 2014

Catching up on February

Just thought I'd post a few pics from February so that I can feel sort of up to date. So in a nutshell...

I photographed Emma during a gymnastics class. Don't confuse her with the black figures painted on the wall in the background. She's in the black leotard and gray pants.
Every year, the girls get matching manicures on Valentine's Day. So sweet!
Rick gave me a bottle of my favorite champagne, as well as some beautiful roses and yummy chocolate for V Day.
Rick has become a lover of all things wine related. He's been looking for an antique bottle opener. I haven't been able to find a genuine antique one, but I did find a brand new fake one, ha ha! Gotta love Pottery Barn.
Here are a few pieces of Emma's schoolwork to make you giggle.
And just in case you've missed Fenway...
I know, I know. This post was a total let down after the previous one regarding Emma's Parisienne tea party. What can I say? She leads a much more interesting life than do I!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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