Monday, March 31, 2014

RIP Indiana Bones

I am broken-hearted. I had to euthanize my dog, Indy (Indiana Bones) this morning. In his honor, I  thought I'd post some of my favorite photos of him.

He was 8 weeks old when I got him.
I got this Nerf football for him in Hawaii. Here he was 10 months old. We still have that football.
Another shot of him at 10 months.
He always loved the snow! I think he was a year old in this one.
I shot this video when he was 18 months old.
Here he was on his 2nd birthday.
Indy was 3 when Wylie joined us.
He was 4 when he met Emma for the first time
and in this one.
This is one of my favorite photos of him.
We had an amazing adventure, Indy. I'll always love you!
RIP Indiana Bones 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Oh Happy Day!

Today is a happy, happy day! My baby boy, Keaton, turns 24 today! Here he is at two days old
 and here he is with his sweetheart, Tina.
Happy, happy, happy birthday, Keaton!

It's also the first day of Spring! Not that you'd know it by looking outside my window. There's still snow on the ground. It's supposed to be in the 50s today, so hopefully this snow will be gone soon! Of course, we're supposed to get more snow on Monday, but I'm ignoring that for now. Hope your first day of Spring is filled with sunshine, blooming flowers, chirping birds, and a happy heart!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Catching up on February

Just thought I'd post a few pics from February so that I can feel sort of up to date. So in a nutshell...

I photographed Emma during a gymnastics class. Don't confuse her with the black figures painted on the wall in the background. She's in the black leotard and gray pants.
Every year, the girls get matching manicures on Valentine's Day. So sweet!
Rick gave me a bottle of my favorite champagne, as well as some beautiful roses and yummy chocolate for V Day.
Rick has become a lover of all things wine related. He's been looking for an antique bottle opener. I haven't been able to find a genuine antique one, but I did find a brand new fake one, ha ha! Gotta love Pottery Barn.
Here are a few pieces of Emma's schoolwork to make you giggle.
And just in case you've missed Fenway...
I know, I know. This post was a total let down after the previous one regarding Emma's Parisienne tea party. What can I say? She leads a much more interesting life than do I!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rejoicing in Dirty Dishes

There's a new post on my Devotions page entitled "Rejoicing in Dirty Dishes." If you're interested, click here.

Have a happy Thursday!

Friday, March 7, 2014

God Loves Me, This I KNOW

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Look Who's Seven!

Emma knows how to celebrate in style! She didn't just have a birthday, she had a birthday weekend. On Friday, her mommy treated the three of us to a yummy breakfast
followed by Disney on Ice! This was mommy's gift to Emma. 
As usual, we HAD to take silly face photos.
On Saturday, Mommy gave Emma a Parisienne tea party. Eight little ladies joined us. They were wonderful and sweet and very well-mannered. Let me just say that sequins and sparkles and the color pink were the honored guests.
First, the little ladies made fancy head bands. 
Then they dined on tea and fancy finger sandwiches (cucumber and cream cheese, turkey and swiss cheese, and Nutella and Fluff).
Brittany made such pretty place cards, flowers, and cupcakes.
Here's the sweetest thing of all. Brittany and Emma sponsor a girl in Brasil via World Vision. It just so happens that this girl, Leny, was born on the same day as Emma. Of her own accord, Emma asked her friends to bring gifts for Leny instead of for her. Emma and Brittany are mailing them to Leny. How incredibly sweet and thoughtful and mature and selfless was that? Sniff sniff. Such a proud Giffy am I!
We enjoyed a family celebration on Sunday. Brittany told Emma that we could either go out for dinner or she would make Emma's favorite meal. Emma opted for the latter. Her request: a burrito bar and an ice cream cake. Y U M.
Quite a celebration, wasn't it?
Happy almost weekend!