Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm a Wee Bit Behind...

It's no secret that I am sooooo behind in posting! It's been six weeks. My mama wants to know why she hasn't seen Christmas photos yet. Hmm. Could it be that I underestimated how busy I would be with a new puppy plus my other three dogs? Could it be that I have fallen in love with horses and riding them and am spending lots of time working out so that I can be a better (less creaky) rider? Could it be that I've been procrastinating? Could it be that I was abducted my aliens? Most likely, it was a little bit of each. Except for the aliens part. I'm pretty sure that never happened. My kids may disagree. 

Anyway, here are my favorite shots from Christmas.
Love the tongue!
Caught in the act!
Yes, my dogs have stockings. Yes, Santa fills them. Yes, Fenway NEEDED a Red Sox World Series Champions 2013 stocking. After all, he was their good luck charm!
Our traditional Dr. Mario tournament!
Apparently, Fenway thought that Emma's toes were wonderful. Mommy quickly decided that Emma's toes must taste like gravy. Check out Fenway and decide for yourself. Check out Emma's face, too. It must have tickled!

I made Tina a stocking. I think this was the 41st one I've made.
Emma received a vet set. She set up a Red Cross Donation Center. Too cute!
LOVE this~an ice sculpture in Boston. Woo hoo!
So there you have it: December in a flash.

Today is my sweet mama's birthday. Sending you lots of love and many hugs, mama! Happy birthday!!!