Monday, December 16, 2013

November in a Bag, Box, and Nuthouse

Yes, I know...this post has been a LONG time coming. Sometimes life just happens, you know? I'll spare you the boring details and post what I know you REALLY want to see, which are pics of Emma and Fenway. Life is always better with kids and puppies!

I'm sure you've heard parents complain that they've spent a fortune on toys only to see their children prefer Tupperware, pots and pans, and empty wrapping paper rolls. Let me just say that puppies aren't any different. Who needs toys when there's a brown bag around? And just in case you're wondering how many photos one doggy mama can take of a puppy playing with a brown paper bag, the answer is A LOT. I love this photo of Fenway's teeny tiny legs trying to get the bag into the bed.
Empty boxes are a big hit, too. Silly me for Christmas shopping at Petco and American Girl. :) 
Miss Emma is pleased as punch and as cute as a bug (I'm not sure how punch can be pleased or how any bug can ever be cute, but whatever) to have lost not one but TWO teeth in one week! When she gets to be my age, she'll be praying NOT to lose any more teeth. Or break 'em. Or stain 'em. But for now she's that whole punch and bug thing. And just FYI, the Tooth Fairy leaves Emma $1 per tooth. Not just one dollar, but one dollar folded origami style. So far there's been a heart, a puppy, a fish, and something else that I've forgotten because my brain belongs to a grandma.
Rick's Aunt Joan came for Thanksgiving. She didn't want to be in our "family" photo, but we insisted.
After all, who wouldn't want to be in a photo full of these faces? Yes, we really do live in a Nuthouse.  Except for Aunt Joan. Even her nuthousey face is quite pleasant and respectable. Apparently none of us got that gene. 
This piece of artwork showcases our Thanksgiving turkey. Talk about Before and After shots. 
Emma was chosen to be "Citizen of the Week" at school. Check out the "interesting fact" she wrote about herself. 
How funny is that? She's 6 and she's a world traveler! She illustrated herself in Bermuda. She thought about drawing herself in a gondola in Venice or at the top of the Eiffel Tower, but needed more space for those drawings. Ha ha!

That's it for November news. I might even get to December before it's over. 

Happy Monday!