Friday, November 1, 2013

No Tricks, Just Treats

I'm crate training Fenway. He always gives me such a sad puppy dog face when I put him in there. He sticks his paws through the openings and cries as if he's accusing me of not loving him. It's so hard for me to resist. But I know I'll regret it if I don't. "And they called it puppy love..." (10 points for you if you know who sang that!)
Anyway, on to Halloween. Miss Emma had plans for pumpkins this year.
 You can see that she's not too fond of "pumpkin guts." Unless, of course, the seeds been sautéed in butter and sea salt then roasted in the oven. Y U M
She drew her design.
 Her favorite part was using the carving tools.
 In honor of my beloved Boston Red Sox (who happen to be the 2013 World Series Champions, GO SOX), Brittany carved a pumpkin for me bearing the team logo. This was Fenway's favorite. :)
 Then Miss Emma decided to make a "vampirate" pumpkin for Papa.
 Ta da!
 I dressed as a Red Sox fan, ha ha! If you look closely, you'll notice the bags under my eyes that resulted from 6 nights of staying up until 1 AM to watch the games, followed by only 5 hours of sleep after each game. Not easy for this granny! My sweatshirt commemorates Fenway Park's 100th anniversary. (Or is it a birthday? I'm not sure. Hmm. Maybe a birthiversary? Or an annivirthday?) Naturally, I HAD to wear that for a pic with my pup. Go on. You know you want to say it. Okay, I'll say it for you. Cutest. Puppy. EVER!!!
 Emma dressed as Princess Merida. Her favorite parts of the costume are the bow and arrows.
 My favorite part is the AWESOME wig! I seriously want that hair!
Here are the kiddos ready to hit the street.
 After they were sufficiently hyped on sugar, they improvised a little dance party on the back deck. 
 I love the look on Dylan's face! 
It was actually a pretty small Halloween in terms of numbers. We pass out full size candy bars and, as usual, I had way too many. So I let the trick-or-treaters take handfuls. The kids on our street think we're totally cool. Their parents probably hate us. Ha!

P.S. Paul Anka sang "Puppy Love."