Thursday, October 17, 2013

CA Part 2

Okay, I'm going to squeeze the rest of my CA pics into this post so that I can kinda sorta feel like I'm up-to-date. If only I could feel that way about everything else on my To Do List!

My girls and I met Mark, Nicole, and their kids at Disneyland. Everybody knows that it's the happiest place on Earth! I've been to Disneyland at least 30 times (I was fortunate enough to grow up not too far away from it), and it's still magical and wonderful and awesome in every way. 
Yup, my girls made monkey faces while they were in Tarzan's treehouse. Click on this one.
These were taken on the Jungle Cruise ride. The elephants and hippos are our favorites.

Emma asked if she and mommy can move into Sleeping Beauty's castle. So. Not. Surprised. I'm pretty sure there's a grandparents' wing. And I've heard that the mice are really cute and sweet and do the housekeeping. I'm so there!
I made Brittany ride the teacups with Emma. I am too old for spin-and-barf rides.
Emma met Merida.
Who doesn't love It's a Small World? Dolls from all over the world get along. They live together. They sing together. They dance together. They always smile. They never argue. Our government could take a few lessons from them. Just sayin'.
Some of the princesses have been added to the ride. Here's Jasmine with Aladdin.
I remember being scared of this snake when I was little.
Cleopatra has always been one of my favorites.
Ariel is the new mermaid.
I've always wished that I could hula dance. My waist would be much smaller now. I wonder if it's too late to learn. Maybe that's what I'll decide to take on when I'm 52. I may not be any good at it, but Rick would like the outfits. Of course, I'd need some pretty big coconuts! LOL
I remember loving these dresses!
Little Miss Fashionista with her shades on her head. :)
Aunt Vicki thought it was important for Ashton to try a frozen banana. What's a trip to Disneyland without a frozen banana?
Apparently he liked it.
Emma was soooo excited to drive. Don't think I'll be handing my keys over anytime soon. Ha ha!
Emma and Camryn were stuck like glue.
Isn't this sweet?
Toon Town was a big hit.
I love this!
The girls even got to have tea with Minnie! Minnie approved of Emma's mouse ears.
Then the kids spotted Pluto. Notice how calm and lovey-dovey Emma and Camryn were. Check out Ashton. First, he wasn't too sure about this dog.
That didn't last long. Ashton had to totally check out Pluto.
Finally, he was willing to give Pluto a high five.
I captured a few decent shots of the fireworks.
This looks like a palm tree behind the palm tree. Kinda cool.
Emma and my baby bro.
Emma bought a pirate kit for Papa because he loves to pretend he's a pirate when he plays with her.
This picture is totally going on Facebook! 
Ahoy, me hearties!

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Christy Lynn said...

I love Disneyland!

Maybe if we instituted mandatory singalongs in Congress, they'd get along better and not throw a tantrum and shut down the government. We should look into that.

Rick makes a great pirate! My mom had cataract surgery this past Wednesday and has to wear an eye patch when she sleeps (?? but not when she's using the eye??) so my dad said she looked like a pirate. I said to ask her what her favorite letter is...sure, pirates love Rrrrrrr but their first love is the C!