Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CA Part 1

I know, I know. I'm WAY behind on posting photos. So here's the dealio. In August, we spent a week in CA. You know what that means: another bazillion photos! Rather than post my usual boatload of photos accompanied by much blah blah blahing, I'm just going to hit the highlights, ok?

First we spent a day at Rick's mom's house. Emma got to do three of her favorite things there. She picked grapefruit.
She went swimming.
 Her uncles even taught her how to jump from the diving board.
Then she caught a lizard. She held it close to me so I could capture this. Wanna know what happened next? That lizard sprang from her hands onto my head and then ran around my shoulders! Nope, I didn't scream or freak. I sat very calmly until somebody rescued the lizard. I was, however, perturbed because the lizard used my shirt as his potty. Blech.
The next day, we hung out at my brothers house. We always have such an awesome time visiting Mark and Nicole. They have a beautiful home with toys to ride.
They have Barney.
They have a pool.
Mark plays rock guitar.
So does our mama.
Our mama loves our families!
Mark loves our mama. 
So do I. 
Our mama loves Hal. So do we.
Our mama loves Camryn, Ashton, and Emma.
A few days later, we hung out at my mom's again.
Ha ha~I love Emma posing with the plastic owl! 
 Then we went to dinner with Rick's mom. We dined alongside a beautiful lake. (Okay, so it's man-made. Still, it's pretty.)
 It just wouldn't be a Burns photo op without silly faces!
 Me and my sweetie. He's so handsome! 
 We had dinner at Rick's brother's house where Emma got to swim again
 and ride Dallas.
 My favorite day was when my mom and Rick's mom went with me, Brittany, and Emma to have photos taken. I thought it would be cool for Emma to have a photo with both of her great grandmas. Not many people get to do that. She will always remember doing this. What an awesome memory this is!
That's it for today. Next up: Disneyland!

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Christy Lynn said...

Dallas is beautiful! The horse, I mean. As far as the city goes, I prefer Fort Worth.

Great photos all around, and just think: when Emma graduates high school, you'll have LOTS of goofy photos to put in her yearbook! At least, when I was in high school, parents were given the opportunity to buy space in the book to put in an "ad" with a message to their kid. Lots of them had funny childhood pictures and some kind of "yay we're so proud of you now that you're graduating high school" messages.

Anyway, it's really cool that Emma gets to have those pics with both her great-grandmothers. I only met one of mine, but she was beyond awesome (my mother's maternal grandmother). Red hair and the personality to match! And she was about 5-foot-2.