Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hopefully I Won't Become a Jailbird

This post was supposed to be all about autumn, and what a spectacular New England autumn it was! But then I got behind on posting because Ive been completely and delightfully distracted by my puppy and by the World Series. My beloved Red Sox won!!! Not only did they win,  but they won at Fenway Park. The last time that the Red Sox won a World Series at Fenway Park was in 1918. I find it quite interesting that they didn't win a WS at Fenway Park until I named by puppy Fenway Bark. Coincidence? I think not. Clearly, MY puppy was the team's good luck charm. See? Fenway actually sat in  my lap and watched parts of the game with me. He really likes Dustin Pedroia.
Therefore, since I did the Sox such a HUGE favor, I think it only fitting that I should receive a World Series ring. Don't you agree? At the very least, Fenway should get a World Series collar. I'll have to give Red Sox owner John Henry a call today. If you see me on the news being arrested for stalking, DO NOT BELIEVE IT. It will simply mean that John Henry didn't answer my calls, and for the life of me I couldn't understand why, so I went looking for him to be sure his phone was on and had good reception. That's the logical thing to do. I can hardly be blamed if he misinterprets my behavior. So really, it will be in everyone's best interest if he simply answers his phone. (I wonder if my puppy will be allowed to visit me in jail.)

Alright, mama, I promise not to get arrested. Want to see some more autumn photos instead? This is my street.

These are my views from my front porch.
I took these at two small lakes a few towns over from mine.
I love the water reflections in this one.
I shot all of these at Longfellow's Wayside Inn in Sudbury. Mom, do you remember going there with me when you visited in autumn of 2007?
I think this one is funny. Tiffany and Wylie love the crisp autumn air. They also love to bark at the leaves that fall onto the deck.
This is the stable where I ride.
Here's Prince, one of the horses I ride.
And here's one more photo of Fenway simply because I can't resist. 
Happy Halloween! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Glimpse of Autumn

Fenway is taking a little nap, so I thought I'd quickly post some autumn photos. This is my street. 
I took these from my front porch.
Here are a few shots I took as I headed to our town's small winery.
These are of Nashoba Winery. We're not really fans of the wine, but the view is gorgeous.
See the church steeple in the background?
These were all taken in Bolton.
A few weekends ago, we went to one of our nearby apple orchards that also has a pumpkin patch. First up, my beautiful girls!
Just in case you've never seen an actual apple tree, here you go.
This tree reminds me of the creepy trees that tried to grab Snow White as she ran through the forest.
Wanna see some faces that only a mama could love? 
Rick chose a pumpkin, too. One is never too old to carve a pumpkin!
Here's the sweetest pumpkin in the patch.
Of course, this little pumpkin is pretty darn cute, too!
There you go: a teeny glimpse of autumn in Bolton.
Back to Fenway I go!