Friday, September 6, 2013

Takin' It Easy in Eze

On our way from Monaco to Nice, we stopped to visit the tiny, charming town of Eze. It sits atop a hill in Cote d'Azur. Eze is an ancient medieval village, now filled with quaint shops, cafes, art galleries, and several perfumeries. The village is situated around the base of a 12th century castle. Eze's narrow, brick streets wind uphill around the castle's ruins, leading to majestic views of the Mediterrannean Sea. I took these at the bottom of the hill.
The streets aren't big enough for cars. Only 35 people live in this part of the village, mostly because of the difficulty getting to and from the homes. It was a steep climb. Can you imagine having to move furniture in and out, let alone carry groceries up this hill? I'd have killer legs, but no thanks!
This next photo looks back at the same house seen in the above photo.
 This church is situated about halfway up the hill.
The hike was definitely worth it for the views. We puttered for an hour or so taking photos and enjoying the view.
  I like the juxtaposition of the cacti and the sea.
 These are the backs of a few houses.
And this is the horrible, awful, no good view of the Mediterranean Sea that those people must suffer through every day!
Okay, maybe living at the top of Eze would be worth it!

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Christy Lynn said...

I'm so tickled that you finally have the kokeshi doll cross stitch :) I've been keeping that secret since the end of January! What's funny is I gave my maman carte blanche to pick out the frame and mat, and she and Mrs. Totty (one half of the awesome husband/wife team who frame all our stitching) chose a purple mat. I knew that would be even MORE perfect for you!!

Funny you should talk about getting your passports ready...hubs and I met with the UK visa lady to get my visa extended for a year. I wrote a very long email to Mom about how that woman is offensively stupid--the process is difficult enough but I swear that woman makes it 3x worse! Wish me luck tomorrow at my second appointment (this time sans Lee) that I do not reach across the desk and strangle her with my bare hands.