Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Get Your Passport Ready...

...because we need to take a quick detour to Japan, England, and Texas. While she was living in Japan, my sweet friend Christy got me hooked on kokeshi dolls. Just in case you forgot, these are my dolls.
(Actually, that's an old photo. I think I acquired a few more after I took it. Miss Emma is always playing with and rearranging them, but you get the gist.)

Wanna guess what I found on my porch yesterday? This amazing cross stitch done by Miss Christy! Doesn't she stitch beautifully?
This photo does not do it justice. (I had the hardest time getting a decent photo because of the lighting. Just pretend you don't see the reflection of my camera in the glass.) You cannot even imagine how delighted I am! It is sooooo pretty! I hung it in my office (which is where I once again spend most of my day) where I can gaze at it. It makes me feel happy. Hopefully, it will inspire my writing! And I must say that the message at the bottom is my favorite part.. :)

So Christy stitched this Japanese design at her home in England. When her sweet mama, Nina, visited her in July, Christy sent it home with her to Texas to have it framed. Then Nina wrapped it up in more bubble wrap than I have ever seen in my entire life and shipped it to me. The bubble wrap worked like a charm~there was NO WAY that the glass could have broken. I told Christy that I was disappointed that no one was here to watch me open all of that bubble wrap. It was such an I Love Lucy moment. It would have been a YouTube-worthy video! Christy said her mom knew it was going to take me awhile to unwrap the package and "find the gooey center," ha ha! Thank you ever so much, Christy and Nina!!!

Okay, back to France we go. After we explored Eze, we drove to Nice (pronounced like "niece" in English). We started our downhill climb at this beautiful building. I forgot to note what this building is, but I love this photo.
Anyway, check out our view from up there! I kept taking the same shot, though I increasingly zoomed in towards the beach.
These were our views of the city.
Then down we went. The architecture in Nice reflects both French and Italian influence. Lots of interesting colors as well. It reminded us of the beautiful streets in Puerto Rico.
At the bottom of the hill, in the central part of Old Town, stands this 17th century Baroque church, the Cathedrale Sainte Reparate. Legend has it that angels guided the boat containing the headless body of the young martyr (Sainte Reparate) from Palestine to a beach in Nice. His body is interred inside the cathedral.
My boys gave me a cool book about photograph composition, and now I have tons of fun trying to get some unusual views. This is my favorite shot of the church. I like the dark building juxstaposed against the bright sky and clouds. If you click on it to enlarge it, you'll even see a bird flying above the cathedral.
I forget which government building this, but it was awfully nice of its flag to unfurl for me against the pretty blue sky.
This huge terra cotta pot reminds me of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Just another pretty shot of the sky.
Then we did what we did best in France: we stopped for a glass of champagne and chocolate crepes! YUM!

Thanks for visiting. Happy Wednesday!

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