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Antibes is an ancient city established by the Greeks more than 2,000 years ago. It passed into the hands of the Romans until the fall of Rome, then was seized by the French pope. In the late 1300s, it was given to the Grimaldi family (as in the Monaco Grimaldis) as payment for a loan owed to them by the pope. Antibes sits along the French Riviera between Nice and Cannes.

Antibes is home to Forte Carre. It was built by the Romans in a simple form and contained a chapel. In the mid-1500s, the French built the tower around the chapel and added the four bastions. Its name means "the squared fort." Napoleon Bonaparte was jailed at Forte Carre for ten days during the French Revolution.

If you're a James Bond fan as am I (except for the caricatures of ditzy women who do nothing but swoon over 007), you'll recognize Forte Carre from Never Say Never Again. It was Largo's (the villain's) hideout, but it was supposed to be in Africa, I think. We wanted to tour the fort, but it wasn't going to be open until later in the afternoon, and we wanted to have time to relax on the beach in Cannes. So we passed, but still got some great photos.

This is looking up at the fort. There is a really nice stadium right in front of it.
I can't remember this dude's name. Some important general.
This is the view of the harbor seen from the fort.
These are the fort's views of the beach.
Rick dreams of owning a yacht. Naturally, we had to stroll along the harbor so that he could fine tune those dreams.
After that, it was time for a walk through town and another lunch of crepes. Y. U. M.
Antibes is home to the Church of the Immaculate Conception which dates back to the 11th century. 
This is the church's clock tower.
One of the Grimaldi family castles along the French Rivera was called Chateau Grimaldi. Antibes bought it from the family in 1926. Twenty years later, Picasso was invited to stay there for a six month period. Upon his departure, he left behind a substantial collection of his works. This castle is now the Musee Picasso. 
This museum boasts an amazing view of the French Riveriera.
I never cease to be amazed by plants growing in rock walls.
Looking back up at the museum.
This is how you know that we aren't the thieves behind the huge diamond heist that occured in Cannes while we there: if we were, we would have bought this tiny, unassuming, seaside home and would be living there with false identities, LOL.
This is my favorite photo of the day: my handsome sweetie and the French Riviera.
After dreaming about living in that house, we headed back to Cannes for some R&R on the beach. Unfortunately, I had an epic "chest" attack (Sphincter of Oddi) and never made it to the water to take photos. I did order our lunch in French, so even though my body was acting old, my brain did an okay job. 

Next: Paris!!!

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