Thursday, August 8, 2013

First Came 29, Then Came 30

Have you ever been tempted to launch your computer out of a window? I've been on the verge of doing so for the last week. After we returned from Europe, I spent an entire day loading 1,500 photos onto my computer. I sent the next three days sorting through them, deleting the bad ones, organizing them into folders, and cropping some. On day 5, I wanted to start loading them onto my blog. That's when a very bad thing happened. The photo software I was using wreaked havoc on my computer. Long story short: it has taken me three days to get them back onto my computer. Now I have to resort them, etc. Wanna know how I've looked for the last few days?

Pretty good likeness I must admit, ha ha. (BTW, I found that on Google images.)

Anywho, this is how Miss Emma greeted me when we returned from our trip.
Totally adore her! 

We've had two pretty special celebrations around here over the last few days. First of all, it was Brittany's 29th birthday. Here's my beautiful daughter
 and her beautiful daughter. 
And check out this fancy hairdo Mommy made for Emma.
 Miss Emma gave her mommy a new bike.  
Brittany wanted to go to her favorite restaurant in Boston's North End for dinner. While we were eating, a marching band came through the restaurant. It was really fun but really LOUD.
Three days later, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Our trip to Europe was our actual celebration. We dined at a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower and then stayed to see it lit up at night. Totally romantic!
On the hour between 10 PM and 2 AM, the lights on the Eiffel Tower go on and off in different patterns. Here's what we saw.
On our trip, we went to Champagne, France. Only champagne that comes from Champagne can be called champagne. :) We went on a tour of two champagne wineries and brought home a few bottles of our favorites, along with a box of French chocolates. What better way to celebrate an anniversary?
Brittany and Emma made this for us. Brittany sketched it and Emma colored it. It's how we would look getting married today. LOVE IT!!! (The red spot is from my camera, but it kind of looks like a pretty sunset.)
This is how we looked 30 years ago...
and celebrating 30 years later.
Okay, back to working on my Europe photos. Have a good one, peeps!

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Christy Lynn said...

Happy birthday to Brittany and happy anniversary to you guys! My parents will be celebrating their 40th next summer. Love that cute lil picture that Brittany and Emma made for you!