Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The One That Was and the One That Wasn't

What a weekend we had!

First of all, Miss Emma graduated from Kindergarten. How in the world could this have happened so quickly? I'm kind of sad about this (translation: I'm having a humongous meltdown) because that means she'll be in school full time next year. I'm SO NOT READY to let her go! Guess I'll have to get another puppy! (Totally kidding. Rick would kill me.) Anyhow, here are some photos from Emma's big day which was last Friday.

Mommy caught a photo of her being such a well behaved Little Miss while waiting for the ceremony to begin.
I had a really hard time getting good photos of the ceremony. We were in a high school auditorium which means we were far away and the lighting was awful. So please disregard the blur.
Ha ha~love the little kid who sat in front of her! he was a riot!
Emma's in the center of the back row.
I so love the way she's looking at that boy! I'm sure her mommy totally does NOT love the way she's looking at that boy, LOL! 
For one of the songs they performed, the kids got to use rhythm sticks. I totally wanted to get up on that stage with them!
Pretty sure she's headed for American Idol. Look at her belting out her tune!
Then she was ready to walk across the stage. BTW, this is her most favorite lady other than her mommy (and other than Giffy, I hope). This is Mrs. Miller, one of her kindergarten teachers. I can't blame her. Mrs. Miller is a sweetie! And a riot. A really sweet riot. Or maybe a riotous sweetie. I'll let her biker husband make that call. (Ha ha~her husband is so not a biker, but somehow Emma got it in her little mind that bikers might be Mrs. Miller's type!)
Aww...the Little Graduate! I love her! Sigh.
Her she is with her BFF.
My two favorite chicks!
Emma and Tina (Keaton's sweetheart).
The proud grandparents, with the most awesome grandchild in the history of grandchildren EVER.
 Just sayin'.
And, of course, no family event would be complete without our goofy faced photos.
Yum...a chocolate mortarboard.
A few more photos of Emma with her girlfriends.
This is Mrs. Mullen, another of Emma's teachers.
To celebrate Emma's graduation, her mommy treated the three of us to tea at the American Girl Store. Emma also got to have her dolls' hair done.  As with any makeover, before and after shots were a must. Meet Rebecca before...
and Rebecca after.
Now meet Caroline before...

and Caroline after.
Even the dolls got cups!
After the tea party, Rick and I caught a plane to CA. Brennan's graduation from Stanford (MS in Electrical Engineering) was set for Father's Day afternoon. We had a nice dinner at Mary's house (Rick's sister) on Saturday. I totally went brain dead and forgot to take pictures with everybody. But I did get a few shots of people toasting Brennan with champagne.
Aww...the proud Mama and Papa!
We brought in some really yummy food and bundt cakes.
The food was yummy. Really, it was! Beef ribs, babyback ribs, try-tip, and chicken. Lots of different BBQ sauces and sides. We all loved it! The only problem was that, in the middle of the night, Brennan was stricken with some nasty food poisoning. Nobody else got it, so it must have been from one of the sauces that he ate. The poor guy was soooooo sick that he couldn't go to his graduation. We were so bummed! At least he has his diploma (he actually graduated in December but they only conduct one ceremony per year). The best news is that he's fine now. We felt so badly for him. So not the end of his Stanford career that we wanted. :(

Wanna chuckle? I've told you before that my boys play a silly game with Emma~the "Emma, guess what? __________ butt!" (Fill in the blank with an animal.) They found these magnets and sent them to Emma for her graduation. TOO FUNNY!!! When she opened these, she shouted, "I HAVE THE BEST UNCLES EVER!!!" Indeed, she does.
So there you go. The One That Was and the One That Wasn't. Next up: photos from Arlington National Cemetery.

Happy Tuesday!

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