Friday, June 28, 2013

Girl Time!

My sweet, wonderful, perfect, forever friend Robyn and her mama, Judy, came for a visit! Rick was in China, so it was a super girly weekend.

We went to a "painting Bar," a place where you show up and paint a scene on canvas in just two hours. I totally hate my painting (my bad hand no longer has the slightest idea how to make a straight line), but we had soooooooooo much fun! Here are Robyn, Judy, and Brittany working on their backgrounds.
And here's mine.
Ta da! These are the finsihed products. It's amazing how a room full of adults (30+) can follow one set of instructions and end up with 30 different products. As Brittany said, this class was a perfect case-in-point argument against standardized testing for kids.
On Saturday, we all took a Duck Tour around Boston. For those of you who don't know, a "Duck" is a World War II amphibious vehicle.
As we boarded, they took this photo of me and Emma.
These are photos of Boston's Old South Church.
These are brownstones on Beacon Hill. One of these babies recently sold for $10,000,000. Yup, 10 mil! 
Massachusetts' Capitol Building
Original State House
Government Center and Bruins mania!
Boston's Zakim Bridge
The Bunker Hill Monument
The top of the USS Constitution.
So cute: Emma pointing something out to Judy.
So this is what it looks like when the Duck Boats enter the Charles River.
Like this place? It's supposedly really nice inside. For a prison, that is. :)
There were many kayakers in the Charles. There were also lots of ducks: Duck Boats, real ducks, crazy ducks, etc. Ha ha!
Boston's skyscape

This large mirrored building is the John Hancock Tower. I love checking out the reflections on the building.
This is the Boston Yacht Club. City kids can learn to sail there all summer. Enrollment costs depend upon ability to pay. Kids can spend the summer learning to sail for as little as one dollar! 
Emma got to drive our Duck Boat, which means I got to stand up front and take photos of her, 
This sticker was her reward for a driving job well done.
Emma and Judy.
Here's the Museum of Science, one our favorite places in Boston. 
Christy, this one's for you because I know you love hydrangeas as much as I do! 
This is team spirit: even George Washington (a statue in the Boston Public Garden) was wearing a Boson Bruins jersey! 
Ooh...a few more reflection photos on the Hancock Tower building.
After our Duck Tour, we popped into a Starbucks and saw this sign which refers to the Boston Bombing. Cool, huh? Boston Strong!
Apparently, Paul Revere was also feeling some love for the Boston Bruins! This statue is right behind the Old North Church, famous for being Paul Revere's "one if by land, two if by sea" church.
This is totally cool: it's the back of Paul Revere's Boston Bruins "Boston Strong" jersey. The number "617" is the area code for Boston.
You can barely see the church steeple in the background of this photo with Robyn and Judy. Sorry :(
There's also a memorial garden behind the church.
My two favorite girls sitting on steps of the Old North Church Gift Shop.
On our way to dinner, the girls spotted this table and pretended to be statues. 
The next day, we hung out at home and played in the backyard.
Check out all of these photos that Miss Emma took. Looks like she's taking after her Giffy.
Here we are, the two trouble-makers, ha ha!
(Brittany was outside washing her car. My bad~I forgot to get more photos with her. Sorry, Britt!)

 Our Girls' Weekend was wonderful and special and WAY TOO SHORT! 


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Christy Lynn said...

Again, more fun times and more hydrangeas :) I'd never heard of the wine and painting thing before this year, but apparently now it is The Thing to do. Tell Miss Emma I like her shirt!