Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Friends and Flowers in D.C.

After visiting Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery, we capped our day with a super fun visit with Steve and Lesly Stark. They were celebrating their 37th anniversary with a trip to the D.C. area and kindly invited us to meet up with them. We met for dinner then did some window shopping.
The next day, we enjoyed a scrumptious brunch (French Toast is always my must have), then strolled across the street to snap some photos of the White House. This is looking towards the Oval Office.
I'm not sure what purpose this building serves, but I do think it's cool.
This is Ford's Theatre, the site of President Lincoln's assassination.
He actually died in this building across the street.
 Steve and Lesly had to move on to Williamsburg, so we decided to explore the United States Botanic Garden which is next to the Capitol building.
First we sauntered through the outdoor garden. Just try to imagine how thrilled I was to be in a garden with my new camera! (Translation: get ready for a boatload of flower photos!)
Totally love these!
Mama, all of these roses are for you!
Check this out~I got close enough to see the teeny tiny fly on a petal.
I even got close enough to see dew drops as well.
Then I played with focus. In this one,  I focused on the background
and here I focused on the foreground. 
I love peonies!
Then we headed inside. I won't say much, mostly because I forgot to write down the names of most of these. I was too busy taking photos and enjoying the fragrant air.
Ooh...these cacti looked like creepy, crawly snakes.
I'd never seen starfruit on a tree. Super cool!
That's it for now. Happy Tuesday!

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