Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Capitol Buildings

After visiting (and LOVING) the United States Botanic Garden, we walked around D.C. to check out the Capitol buildings. Unfortunately, they were closed because it was Sunday; but that didn't stop me from taking photos. This is the home of the U.S. Archives.
These are shots of the United States Capitol Building from different perspectives. I just couldn't seem to take enough. There were plenty of tree branches to make me happy!
Here's the back side.
This is the United States Supreme Court.
Here's the Library of Congress.

I think this is the Senate building. 
This is known as the Old Post Office, built in 1899. The Clock Tower, which is 315 feet tall, houses the United States Bells of Congress. England gave these bells to the U.S. as a bicentennial gift. They can be heard ringing on Thursday evenings. Supposedly, Donald Trump is trying to buy this building to renovate it into a luxury hotel.
These were our views from the Clock Tower. You can see the Washington Monument in the center background of this one.
That's the Capitol building in the background of this one.
I even got some shots of the bells. 
You know me. I love flags. 
These buildings comprise part of the Smithsonian 
Well, I've reached the end of my D.C. pictures. It's hard to believe that we covered so much ground in three days! 

School ended today. Summer is finally upon us. Yippee!

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