Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day

My friend, Christy, told me that I shouldn't feel badly about being behind with blog posts. She reminded me that unless I am actually HAVING a life, I won't have anything about which to blog. She's right! (She's very wise, which is one of the many reasons that I love her.) 

Before I get to posting photos of Napa, I thought I'd post some from Mother's Day. Here are my two favorite girls who just happen to be the two most beautiful girls on the planet. Like EVER. 
Check out the card that Emma made for her mama. She was very meticulous about weaving with ribbon. Emma LOVES ribbon. She adamantly believes that there's no such thing as too much ribbon. That's why she has baskets full from the dollar aisles at Target and Michael's. 
At school, she made a special present for her mama. She really went to town decorating the envelope given to her by her teachers.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the look on Emma's face! She was watching her mama's reaction. Mama didn't disappoint!
Emma also gave her mama some American Girl things. Every girl, no matter her age, loves American Girl things.
Okay, this was at 8 AM and I was still in my jammies with total bedhead. If it's too much for your retinas to take, just keep on scrolling.
The girls made me a "Living Locket." How pretty is this? Emma choose the charms to put inside of it. I'm guessing you understand the sparkly "E" and the ladybug. Emma and I sign "I love you" to each other about a bazillion times a day. And when put together, the two pink hearts say "Best Friends." I KNOW! Totally awesome, huh? Being a grandma ROCKS! Just sayin'.
Me and my girls. Told ya they're the prettiest girls EVER!
I've told you all about my new camera. Brennan and Keaton sent me two totally awesome photography books. I'm so stoked! 
It was a beautiful day, so a game of "Keep Away" was a must.
So was time on the swingset. 
Papa had fun swinging, too!
Tina and Mari joined the celebration. Miss Emma quickly recruited Tina for some chalky art work. Or maybe it was artsy chalk work. Either way, it sure was pretty.


Britt said...

OMG LOVE the pic of her and Tina!!

Christy Lynn said...

Like Joey on Friends, I am pretty wisdomous :) Have you thought about checking the local community colleges or something like that to see if they have photography classes? Lee's played with the camera enough on his own and taught me enough that we get along fairly well, but I still wouldn't mind taking classes.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend!