Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hangin' with Family

After visiting Brennan for a few days, I got to spend two days hanging out my brother and sister-in-law, Bill and Lori. 
Brittany told me that Lori and I have morphed into the same person. Lori has become a redhead (which I LOVE on her), we both like to paper craft, we drive the same cars, we are both grandmas, our kids are about the same ages, we both love Pandora bracelets, and on and on it goes. Sounds good to me!
Here I am with my sister Diane, my niece Jennifer (Bill and Lori's daughter), and Jennifer's daughters Brooke and Alexia.
We had so much fun playing with Miss Brooke. I love all of her silly faces.
This one is my fave even though I chopped her head off. 
She showed me her teeth
and her nose
and her ears
and her mouth
and her eyes
and her foot.
I asked to see her belly button. She knew where it should be
but said "all gone" when she couldn't find it. Too sweet! And pretty smart for a 1-year-old, don't you think?
And, of course, there was a kiss for mama!
Here I am with Bill and Diane.
Lori and I made our eagerly anticipated trip to Pandora. I warned Rick ahead of time that I'd be shopping, hee hee.
Then we went out for dinner at a really yummy fondue restaurant. This place serves 100+ martinis, so we decided to try a couple. Lori tried Chocolate Cherry Berry (or something like that) and I tried a Milky Way. They were sooooo yummy but were way too rich. Neither of us finished one.
Then we overate cheese fondue with bread and veggies.
But that didn't stop us from having chocolate fondue for desert! Y U M!!!
That's it for my time in San Ramon. My next stop was Napa Valley. I want to live there!

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Christy Lynn said...

Kinda laughing about how you and Lori have morphed into one person in two bodies. My friend Karen and I were at the gym yesterday, doing wall squats (which are awful, by the way), and the class instructor had some CD on of 90s music and both Karen and I busted out really loud on a particular song lyric. You woulda thought we planned it...I told Karen we must be sharing one brain!