Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tulip Tiptoeing through the Tulips

Miss Emma is a mommy! Yesterday, she got her very own kitten. 
Meet Tulip!
 Please don't notice that I'm sans makeup and looking totally blah. If you do notice, please don't leave me any comments asking if I'm ill. Ha ha. I couldn't resist snuggling my new grandkitten. Yes, I know that I am allergic to cats, but as you can see that clearly did not deter me. It should have. My neck broke out in hives and I was wheezing. I just keep getting dumber. What can I say? 
 Keaton is dying to get a kitten of his own.
 I love the way mama and baby are looking at each other in this one.
 Wanna know how Bella feels about the new baby? Check out her face. She's definitely not feeling maternal unless it's in an "I'm going to get you my pretty" kind of way.
See the resemblance?
This was funny. Emma was checking herself out in the mirror to see how she looks with her baby. Yes, she did figure out that it would be easier to do so if she opened her eyes, ha ha. She actually shut them because of the flash.
What does a Giffy do when a grandkitten joins her family? Spoil of it, of course! DUH! So I made Papa take me to Petco on the way to meet Tulip. We arrived with treats and toys in hand. Tulip loves her noisy ball. Emma loves Tulip's noisy ball. Brittany hates Tulip's noisy ball. Giffy and Papa just chuckle about Tulip's ball because it stays at Brittany's house. LOL (Brittany didn't actually say that she hates Tulip's noisy ball. But you know mommies hate excessively noisy toys given to their children by the grandparents. Brittany is technically Tulip's grandmother, and I can say from experience that grandmothers don't mind the noisy toys so much. Of course, my hearing isn't what is used to be. Hmm. Maybe she does hate the noisy ball. Eh, whatever.)
I can't believe I captured this. Doesn't Tulip look like she's tiptoeing? Hence the title of this blog post. Just pretend that the fuzzy pink bath mat is a garden full of tulips, okay?
Gotta take some Benadryl. I promised Emma I'd take her home to play with Tulip. 

Have a tiptoe kind of day!

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Christy Lynn said...

Congratulations on the new grand-kitteh! Tulip is a cute name too :) Later this month, Lee & I are going to the Netherlands to see the tulips, and I told my mom I was gonna be singing Tiptoe Through the Tulips while we were out there, which will probably make Lee pretend he doesn't know me. Which is part of what makes it fun!