Sunday, March 3, 2013

A New Set of Wheels, Some Paint, and a Tutu

Not-so-little-anymore Miss Emma totally enjoyed her birthday. Emma went nuts over this bunny and used her birthday money from my mama to buy it. Emma named her Maddie. Her mommy made this tutu for Maddie. I think every birthday should include a bunny in a tutu. Don't you agree?
On the morning of Emma's birthday, we popped over to Brittany's to hug the birthday girl. Actually, we knew that Tina would be arriving with a special gift from her and Keaton. Since Keaton is still in England, we thought it would be fun for him to watch Emma when Tina surprised her. So we were video conferencing with Keaton via iPad and had the cameras rolling when Emma stepped out of her room. Surprise!
You can't see him, but Keaton was on the iPad. 
Later that afternoon, Emma's party was held at a "paint your own pottery" studio. 
Listen to Emma telling her friends about her mommy. She was so proud!
More birthday fun in my next post.

Happy March!

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