Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nightmare on Elm Street

Okay, so maybe I don't live on Elm Street, but this nightmare is every bit as bad as the horror flick Nightmare on Elm Street.

Even though Spring has yet to arrive in MA (we still have a bunch of snow on the ground and we had flurries a few days ago), I decided to switch into a Springy purse. Not springy as is Tigger, but Springy as in lavender (my favorite color next to eggplant purple).

We have a large walk-in closet that was a total waste of space. The builder only hung one bar on each of the three solid walls. Consequently, a lot of stuff ended up on the floor. After ten years, we finally (and by we I mean Rick) installed a modular organizational system. We love it! Our clothes are neatly arranged on multiple hanging bars, with several rows of shelves above them. Now I love to go in there. It's so neat and pretty. This lovely closet was the setting of my nightmare.

The purse that I wanted was on one of the higher shelves. No problem. I opened the step ladder and up I went.

Going up the ladder was a cinch. Going down? Not so much, particularly because I hand't intended to get off the ladder so soon. And instead of standing on the ladder the proper way (translate: the smart way), I stood sideways to have a better reach. Of course, that meant I leaned sideways as well.

In my defense, I had to reach and lean sideways. An hour or so before I stepped up onto the ladder, I had sorted our laundry on our closest floor. It's laundry day. Piles of dirty clothes are necessary, right? I didn't want to bother nudging the piles over so that I could put the ladder where it needed to be. Hence, the ladder was positioned a few inches too far to the left which resulted in the necessary reaching/leaning.

I can hear my mother now, exhorting me not to be so lazy. She would be right, of course, but who listens to his/her mother?

The necessary reaching/leaning resulted in my tumble off of the ladder.

A face forward tumble.

A face forward tumble into a pile of dirty laundry. As in my face was the first part of me to land in the pile.

It was a pile of whites. (Translate: the pile of dirty underwear, t-shirts, and socks.)

Yup, I fell face first into the pile of dirty underwear.

Did I mention that Rick's gym clothes were on the tops of the piles? Gym clothes from this morning. (Translate: they were still wet with sweat.)

Yes, his sweaty gym underwear was on top of the pile of whites, the very pile into which I tumbled face first. My eyebrows, nose, and lips made contact with the sweaty underwear. Talk about up close and personal.

Perhaps you're assuming I screamed. Or cried. Or vomited. All three responses would have been appropriate.

Instead, I froze. My brain needed to catch up with the fact that I had not been injured. At least not physically injured. That momentary hesitation meant that my face was in that pile longer than it should have been. I think I breathed in some sweat. I keep reminding myself that I love, love, love Rick which means I should love, love, love his sweat, right? RIGHT?

If only I could have loved it from afar.

Please excuse me while I put the whites in my washer and make an appointment for a facial.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rumor Has It...

Rumor has it that tomorrow is the first day of Spring. I'm fairly certain that my mom and mother-in-law began that rumor and sent us this little gift today. 
Yup, I awoke to 8 inches of snow, and it's still snowing. In fact, we will probably get at least a few more inches. Late winter storms dump heavy, wet snow. 8 inches of heavy, wet snow + 50-year-old hands, shoulders, and backs + said 50-year-old's stubborn attitude + 1 hour of shoveling = 1 reprieve from the treadmill, 1 long hot shower, 1 or more cups of tea, and lots of Advil. (If you ask Rick, I'm pretty sure he'll emphasize the stubborn part. He suggested that I use the snow blower, but I insisted that I could easily use a shovel. I should have listened to him!) 

I'm not sure how our moms managed to orchestrate all of this, but I suspect it was done to persuade us to leave these New England winters behind and return to sunny California. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Slice of Heaven for Little Girls

Ok, it's not the actual heaven, but the American Girl store is a close second. Well, it's a close second for little girls. And for their grandmas. So imagine my delight in Emma's recently discovered passion for all things American Girl. My friend, Arlene, spoiled her first!
Then we (which means me and Rick but as you'll hear, he was pretty clueless, ha ha) gave Emma a gift card for the American Girl store.
Notice our attire (well, not Papa's). I told Emma that for her birthday Papa and I would either take her out to her favorite restaurant or we would cook her favorite meal for her. She voted for her favorite meal, meaning breakfast for dinner, rainbow sherbet for dessert, and pajamas for comfort. (Rick did end up changing into his pajamas. Somehow I missed taking a photo of that. Or maybe I took one and he deleted it before I posted it here and on Facebook. Hmm. I need to look into that.)
It started snowing as we ate dinner. Naturally we had to catch snowflakes on our tongues. And just so you know, snowflakes taste better when you're wearing pajamas.
The next day, we ventured out to the American Girl store. Emma's AG gift cards (a few other people sent them to her as well) were burning a hole in her pocket. (This is where you should imagine me shrieking like a little girl! Oh yeah I'm pretty sure Emma was shrieking as well. So was her mommy. Papa not so much.)
See how happy we were? Yes, I know my eyes were closed. This was day 6 of what is now a 21-day migraine cycle. Had to keep my eyes closed under those bright lights. But there was no way I was going to miss this adventure!)
Later, Emma dressed her two dolls (Caroline on the left and Rebecca, whom mommy gave to her for Christmas, on the right), borrowed her mommy's iPhone, then took and texted this photo to me all by herself.
We've playing with her dolls ever since. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

In His Honor

Twenty-six years ago, my second child, Kyle Scott, was born with a coarctation (a pinched section) of his aorta. He underwent surgery, and the doctors told us that he'd come home in two weeks. Eighteen hours later--on March 7, 1987--Kyle died in my arms. I literally felt his last breath upon my face. Needless to say, I dove into a spiritual and emotional tailspin. Kyle's life and death seemed so senseless to me, and I simply couldn't accept the fact that it had happened without reason. So I embarked upon a journey to try and make sense of it all. The journey wasn't easy. I was filled with anger, hopelessness, and brokenness, all of which I kept well hidden from everyone except Rick. Twenty-four years ago, after a series of events very well orchestrated by God, I became a born-again Christian. 

I wrote these lyrics a few years ago, and I've previously posted them on this blog. However, in light of today being the 26th anniversary of Kyle's death, they seem even more relevant to me now.

Nothing in Between
Vicki Scott Burns

The streets were his religion
Violence was his only mission
His life hung in the balance day to day
With a gun pressed to a head
He remembered words his brother said
About the One who died to bear his sin and shame
And he found Jesus in that alley
Hate no longer his reality
He saw the truth that hate had not let him see:
It's light or darkness--there is nothing in between

Drugs became her secret passion
Once taboo but now the fashion
A masquerade for what was hidden deep within
With a tube forced down her throat
She remembered words her daddy spoke
About the One Who paid the price for all her sin
And she met Jesus on that gurney
Fear no longer was her journey
She saw the truth that fear had not let her see:
It's light or darkness--there is nothing in between

We start out in the darkness
From the moment we begin
We've got to choose to let Light pierce us
We've got to choose to let Light in
We've got to choose to let Him in

My son's last breath upon my face
A nightmare time could not erase
A broken heart and an empty soul took hold of me
Cryin' at that tiny grave
I remembered words the preacher prayed
About the One Who holds my son and grieves with me
And I met Jesus in that graveyard
Pain no longer lord of my heart
I saw the truth that pain had not let me see:
It's light or darkness--there is nothing in between

It's light or darkness--there is nothing in between

Copyright © 2004 by, Inc. 
All rights reserved.

Although becoming a Christian did not change the harsh reality of my situation, it absolutely changed my perception of it. Where I once stood angry, I now stand joyful. Where I once stood hopeless, I now stand in hope for all eternity. Where I once stood broken, I now stand redeemed. The transformation is not complete, and will not be until I am welcomed home to heaven; but the transformation is real and continues to fill my life with purpose and joy.

I'd be lying to you if I said that this week has been easy. Facing the emotions of a birthday and the anniversary of a death of a loved one is never easy. Yes, my emotions have been intense this week. However, not all of them have been painful. Once again, God has reminded me of how thankful I am to have had Kyle for those three days. It may sound trite, but I truly would not be who or where I am today if I hadn't had those three days. 

It is with profound faith that I know I will hold Kyle in my arms again. Until then, I will hold Kyle in my heart while I hold Rick, Keaton, Brennan, Brittany, and Emma in my arms. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Monday, March 4, 2013

One of the Best Days Ever...

Just popping in to send some love Kyle's way. Today would have been his 26th birthday. I still remember every detail about that day. What a joyous day it was!

I love you, Kyle.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A New Set of Wheels, Some Paint, and a Tutu

Not-so-little-anymore Miss Emma totally enjoyed her birthday. Emma went nuts over this bunny and used her birthday money from my mama to buy it. Emma named her Maddie. Her mommy made this tutu for Maddie. I think every birthday should include a bunny in a tutu. Don't you agree?
On the morning of Emma's birthday, we popped over to Brittany's to hug the birthday girl. Actually, we knew that Tina would be arriving with a special gift from her and Keaton. Since Keaton is still in England, we thought it would be fun for him to watch Emma when Tina surprised her. So we were video conferencing with Keaton via iPad and had the cameras rolling when Emma stepped out of her room. Surprise!
You can't see him, but Keaton was on the iPad. 
Later that afternoon, Emma's party was held at a "paint your own pottery" studio. 
Listen to Emma telling her friends about her mommy. She was so proud!
More birthday fun in my next post.

Happy March!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ice Princesses

Emma turned six last Saturday! How have the last six years passed so quickly? The older I get, the faster time seems to pass. Sigh.
Her gift from her mama was three tickets for the three girls to see Disney Princesses on Ice. We had SO MUCH fun! We saw Princess Ariel,
Princess Rapunzel,
(I feel totally sorry for whomever had to skate as the reasr end of Maximus)
Princess Merida,
and my personal favorite Princess Belle.
The Disney princesses weren't the only princesses there!
What would a Burns' girls outing be without a photo of silly faces?
Happy Friday!