Friday, February 22, 2013

Windsor Castle

Guess what? This is my final post about London! I know, I know~it's taken me soooooo long to get here. But here we are at last, at what proved to be our favorite destination: Windsor Castle. It also turned out to be the worst day weather-wise. To say that it POURED would be a drastic understatement. We were beyond drenched. We were freezing. The wind destroyed my umbrella. Still we moved on determined not to let the weather ruin our day. We weren't disappointed. With its history and architecture, Windsor Castle really intrigued us. Here's a bit about it: "The oldest continuously inhabited royal residence in Britain, the castle, originally made of wood, was built by William the Conqueror in around 1080 to guard the western approaches to London. He chose the site as it was on high ground and just a day's journey from his base in the Tower of London. Successive monarchs have made alterations that render it a remarkable monument to royalty's changing tastes. King George V's affection for it was shown when he chose Windsor for his family surname in 1917. The castle is an official residence of the Queen and her family who stay here many weekends." (DK Eyewitness Travel: Great Britain. 2011. Page 236.) Indoor photos were prohibited, but here are some exterior shots.
Brittany and Emma wanted to be in a photo with a royal guard.
At Windsor Castle, I picked up a few piece of chinas: a cup and saucer for my teacup collection and  a small box. This is the official Windsor Coat of Arms china pattern.
This is the Queen Victoria pattern. I like the colors and the fact that it has a "V" on it.
This is St. George's Chapel which is on the Windsor Castle grounds. "The architectural highlight of the castle, it was built between 1475 and 1528 and is one of England's outstanding perpendicular Gothic churches. Ten monarchs are buried here." (DK Eyewitness Travel: Great Britain. 2011. Page 236.) Thankfully, we entered the chapel a few minutes before it closed. Brittany really wanted to find King Henry VIII's tomb. We all know what a dog King Henry VIII was, but it was interesting to see his burial place nonetheless. 
This happened to be New Year's Eve day. After the castle closed at 4:00, we wandered back down the hill to the town of Windsor. Like Cambridge, Windsor is a small, quaint town.
At the train station, we came across a fabulous tapas restaurant where we stopped to have dinner. It was a welcome break from the rain and wind!
Back at the hotel, Rick and I watched Emma while the kids celebrated New Year's Eve. The old folks and the wee child were sound asleep by nine, as we had to leave for the airport at 5 AM.

When we got home, Miss Emma discovered that Santa had left Merida's costume for her! (Merida is the newest Disney princess). The hair is totally my favorite part!
Apparently, Rick asked Santa for hair. He should have been more specific, don't you think?
So ended our fabulous trip to London. Hope you enjoyed the journey!

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