Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Squealishly Wonderful Day in London (aka the Day Christy May Have Met an Axe Murderer)

I know, I know. It has taken me forever and a day to post about London. These are the photos I should have posted first! You've read my jabbering about Miss Christy (aka Kokeshi Doll Christy) for quite some time. We met via an online stamping/card making group. It didn't take long for us to become friends. At the time, she was living in Japan (Okinawa to be exact), and is now living in England. When Rick and I decided to go to London at Christmas to visit Keaton, Christy and I arranged to meet.

Miss Emma found the whole thing to be quite odd. She cannot wrap her little head around the fact that I could be friends with someone whom I'd never met and to whom I had never actually spoken. Christy and I send a bazillion emails back and forth, read and comment on one another's blogs, and chat "live" via Facebook. I must say that it's actually pretty easy and comfortable to get to know someone via cyber space. We found out that we share many interests and our personalities are quite similar.

Christy told her neighbor that she was going to meet me. Her neighbor warned her about meeting an unknown"online friend," cautioning her that for all she knew I could be an axe murderer. Christy's mama told her that she was pretty confident that I am not an axe murderer because she's seen me on my blog and apparently I look "normal" enough. Of course, people have thought that about most axe murderers and serial killers, so I'm not too sure Christy should have listened to her mama. I reassured Christy that although I am, in fact, an axe murderer, I would be leaving my axe at home so as not be arrested by TSA at the airport. So Christy erred on the side of caution and brought her hubby with her. He's an USAF dude and could easily subdue me. 

We arranged our meeting near the Tower of London. She texted me to say they were waiting in a small cafe near a glass building. We were texting back when she suddenly appeared! Guess my red hair makes me easy to spot. And yes, we SQUEALED and HUGGED and were SOOOO EXCITED! Lee was waiting in the cafe, so Rick had to endure our giddy girlfriend moment all by himself. What a trooper.

Okay, okay~enough chattering. Drum roll, please................... here's the mysterious, delightful, Miss Christy! (Just pretend that I am NOT old enough to be her mother, k?)
Our pretty hairdos compliments of the wind and rain.
I think we may have planned to have lunch together, but we sat in a cafe sipping tea and cappuccino, completely oblivious to the sound of time clicking past us. Rick and Lee talked shop, as guys usually do. As for Christy and I, we just talked and talked and talked some more. We finally realized that two hours had passed! We went out to meet my kiddos and Emma. Sweet Miss Christy gave Miss Emma a little teddy bear wearing a pink "London" t-shirt. And then came that moment when we weren't sure what to do next. I really wanted to invite them to spend the day with us, but how much Burns exposure could I force upon her and Lee on our first meeting? After all, meeting a couple for the first time is pretty easy, but meeting 6 of us all at once and then spending the entire day together? Scary for them! I didn't want to impose upon her and Lee, especially if I seemed better online, ha ha. Apparently Christy had similar thoughts, not wanting to impose on our family vacay. Or maybe she was afraid that I had picked up a new axe somewhere in London! It wasn't until a few weeks later that we realized that one of us should have said something at the time. I am hoping that the next time I'm there (perhaps in June), I'll get to spend more time with her.

Thank you, Lee, for accompanying Christy to London to meet me. You are every bit as wonderful as she says you are! Thank you, Nina (Christy's mom), for believing the best about me. In return I did not even consider using my axe on your daughter. Christy, thank you for coming to meet me. It really was one of the high points of my trip! You are an awesome friend online, and an even better one in real life. Hope this was just the first of many meetings! (Christy is a much better blogger than am I. She posted about our meeting a few days after it happened, which was six weeks or so ago! Read her post here.)

Now off to enjoy the blizzard. We easily have 3 feet or so, and the blizzard isn't over yet!

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