Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Finding Nemo

Well, to be precise, Nemo found us! Considering how long it has taken me to post my London pictures (I have still have 2 or 3 posts left), I decided I should post these blizzard pics now or else it might take me until June! Anyway, we had Miss Emma for four days while her mama visited her BFF in CO. 

So what's a Giffy to do with her granddaughter during a blizzard? Why, make cranberry pistachio biscotti, build a fire, curl up and watch movies, and have hot chocolate, of course! (And by movies I mean some old classic musicals which Emma adores: Harvey Girls, The Wizard of Oz, and State Fair.) Yes, I was obligated to fill Miss Emma's mouth with whipped cream. Maybe more than once. Okay, definitely more than once, but I'll leave it at that in case her mama reads this.
The calm before the storm...
After he found us, Nemo hung around awhile. I could almost hear him saying, "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." By the time Nemo swam away, he left us with about 30" of snow! I opened my front door and found this.
This is our back deck.
Good thing I wasn't planning on driving.
We have one hilly acre with our home standing in the middle of it. It's been a few years since we were able to do this, but Rick made a few snow tube runs down our back hill. (Last year, we only had 9" of snow for the whole season. Boo hoo!) Of course, building a snow tube run with Miss Emma around is dangerous. She LOVES the snow! On Sunday, she and Papa played in the snow for almost five hours. Yup, five! She had snow in her pants, boots, and gloves but she couldn't have cared less. 
Can you see tiny Miss Emma trudging up the hill?
 Papa even helped Emma build a snowy friend. 
 Then it was time for a bath. You'd think Emma would have had enough of fluffy white stuff, but nope! 
For us, the blizzard was a blast! They always are as long as we don't lose power and don't have to drive in them. We were fortunate this time.

Next post: St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

Happy Tuesday!

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