Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Elvis Ain't Got Nothin' On Him!

Rick shares his birthday (the 8th) with Elvis. In my opinion, my guy rocks way more than Elvis ever did!

Rick did not want a big celebration as our trip to Europe last summer was, in part, a celebration of both of our 50th birthdays. Brennan had to return to CA on Saturday, so we celebrated Rick's 50th a few days early. 

Rick really enjoys learning about fine red wine. For Christmas, Brennan had ordered a few uber cool wine crates in which Rick can store some of his bottles. They arrived in time for our birthday celebration. Brennan's birthday gift for Rick is day of skiing the next time Rick is in Northern CA. 
The girls gave him a pair of much-wanted Ugg slippers
and lots of warm hugs.
I gave him a nice watch. I figured that every day while he's at work, he counts down the minutes until he gets to come home to me. Just thought this might make the clock-watching a bit more fun. Hee hee!
 Of course, there were hugs to go around,
 lots of smiles,
 and silly faces to be made!
Yesterday, on Rick's actual birthday, the girls brought him donuts for breakfast. I think Emma was at least as happy with that as was Papa!  
When we were in Paris, Rick's favorite meal was boeuf bourguignonne, which I have never made. So I went all Julia Childs: I bought a Dutch oven, I made French bread from scratch, lettuce wedge salad (Rick's fave), buttered sweet peas (Rick's fave), and boeuf bourguignonne. Yes, it took me all day but it was so worth it! Rick loved it and that's all that mattered. Today, of course, I am so not cooking!

Anyway, happy 50th to my prince charming, who still rocks my world!

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