Friday, January 18, 2013

Kensington Palace

Back to London...

Like most of the palaces and castles in England, Kensington Palace is divided into many apartments and offices. Prince Charles and Princess Diana moved into one of the apartments after they married. Diana continued to live there until her death. Prince William and Princess Catherine are expected to move into one of the apartments this year. Emma has been enamored with Princess Catherine since watching her wedding on television. So we decided to visit Kensington Palace. Emma was completely enamored with the idea of being in the palace where the "real live Princess" is going to live, which is much better than going to see the place where the "real dead princesses" rest, especially for a 5-year-old. The rest of us were interested in seeing it as well. Mostly, however, we were thankful to get a break from the POURING rain.
In an historic nutshell: Queen Victoria was born at Kensington Palace and resided there until 1837 when  she became queen just one month after her 18th birthday. I won't go into the history of Queen Victoria, though I find it quite intriguing. (If you're interested, click here and here to read about her.) Obviously, the public is not permitted to tour any of the private apartments or working offices. We did get to tour the historic state apartments of the King and Queen. I don't have much scoop on these, but here you go.
Emma was thrilled to discover a craft area set up for children. So of course we had to stop and craft for awhile.
We continued along the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk.
Cool moss.
 Even cooler trees.
Emma's reflection looks as if her head is missing. But this time I didn't do the cutting off; the puddle did. Ha ha!
Naturally, Emma has concluded that it would be wonderful to be a REAL princess. I sincerely hope it works out for her. I'll remind her that I am her favorite Giffy ever and maybe she will give us a teensy, weensy apartment in her palace in which to live. I don't need to have a royal title or anything. (Though my kids might argue that I am already a Queen. I don't know why they think that. It's not like I make them call me Your Majesty or anything. Though I do like the ring of that.) I don't mind doing my own cleaning and cooking. It would just be nice to have a personal handmaiden, a handmaiden with good vision. Then I could stop worrying about my rogue chin hairs. The older I get, the grayer they become and they are increasingly more difficult for me to see. That means I can't rid of them easily and others must surely see them. Besides, my sweetheart's chin is supposed to be scruffier than mine, is it not? If I had my own personal handmaiden, her only job would be to keep my chin whisker free. Well, maybe that and being sure my pants are zipped and my buttons are buttoned since my hand has a hard time doing that. Oh, and she could keep track of my mind as well since I apparently have a tendency to forget where I leave it. Perhaps I lose it while trying to mow down my chin. Hence my need for a personal handmaiden!

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