Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Christmas in London

On Christmas Day in London, the public transportation wasn't running. Since it was pouring and we didn't have a car, and since nothing except for a few restaurants were open, we hung out at the hotel and played with Emma which made her quite happy. Much to Emma's relief and delight, Santa did, indeed, find us in London. And what a smart Santa he is~he brought her some dresses for Rebecca (her American Girl doll).
We gave Rebecca's pajamas, robe, and slippers to Emma.
We ventured out for Christmas dinner at 3:00, not because just we are old geezers, ha ha, but because that was the only reservation we could get. We went to a very nice restaurant called the The Portman. Rebecca went, too.
As they say in London, Happy Christmas (even though Christmas was two weeks ago)!

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