Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Present, the Past, Hoping for the Future, and Back to the Present

Okay, I know I've been MIA for a few weeks, but I have good reasons! First, Brittany treated me to An Evening with Amy Grant. It was such an awesome concert! She played so many wonderful songs and hymns. I've been an Amy Grant fan since the mid-1980s. She didn't disappoint me! Thank you, Brittany. 
The weekend following the concert, Rick and I (and by that I mean Rick) installed an organizational system in our master closest. After 10 years, we simply could no longer deal with the mess in our closet. The builder only installed one round of hanging bars with a shelf on top. Consequently, stuff ended up on the floor in piles. So NOT the way I like to live! Rick did a superb job installing everything (yup, my man is da bomb). It then took me D A Y S to put everything back into it. That could, in part, be due to the fact that I repeatedly changed my mind about how I wanted to organize things. I may or may not have done it several times. Suffice it to say that Emma thinks I  love my closet because I spent an awful lot of time in it.

Then I was off to Colorado to visit Robyn. It did my heart and soul good to be there. There's just something about Colorado that moves me. It will aways feel like home even though I've been gone for ten years. We went to Breckenridge for two days. Breck is one of my favorite spots in Colorado. My plan has always been to retire to the mountains of Colorado. I'm still praying that will happen! This was the view from our room when we arrived.
This photo has almost everything I love to photograph: mountains, clouds, tree branches, and water reflections. Add a steeple and Miss Emma and it would be the perfect photo.
When we awoke the next morning, these are the views that greeted us.
This is Dillon Lake. Check out the cool clouds
Oh, be still my soul!
I took this at the Silverthorne Outlet Mall. More mountains, clouds, tree branches, and water reflections.
Here I am with Robyn. Not such a great photo of me, but Robyn sure looks beautiful, as always.
I was just looking through some older photos that I have of us. This is from 2003 when we were teaching together. It was taken right before I moved from Colorado to Massachusetts.
This was taken a few months later when Robyn came to visit me.
This was the summer of 2003. We didn't plan it, but we ended up in Maui at the same time.
A few months later, I returned to Colorado. Brittany was still living there as she attended college, so I went to see her and to celebrate Robyn's 40th birthday.
Anyway, back to this visit to Colorado. We stayed at Robyn's parents' home in Erie. This is a wee part of their backyard. Check out their view!
Robyn's parents, William and Judy, are absolutely the sweetest people I have ever known.  They are kind, gracious, hospitable, generous, and about a million other wonderful things. They have welcomed me into their home numerous times and have always made me feel as if I am part of their family. I admire and appreciate and love them so much. I wish you could know them! As I was perusing the above photos of me and Robyn, I came across this one. This was also taken in 2003 when I ended up in Maui at the same time as Robyn. Rick and I were there to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. You can see us in the back row on the right. Next to us are my brother and SIL, Bill and Lori, who also happened to be in Maui at the same time. Robyn and her hubby, Justin, are in front of us. Next to Robyn are her parents, Judy and William. They all went out to dinner with us to celebrate our anniversary. Just thought you'd like to put some faces to the names.
Okay, looking back at all of these photos makes me miss my long hair. But now I am older and lazier, hence the short hair. So whadya think, peeps~long or short? Leave a comment to let me know. 

Happy almost weekend!

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