Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here a Bridge, There a Bridge, Everywhere a Bridge Bridge

Yup. Still alive. Still kickin'. Just haven't been blogging. Got busy with stuff, then my totally sweet and lovable friend, Kristy, came to visit. She hadn't been here in four years and we hadn't seen one another for almost three years. It was great to spend time with her, though her visit flew by much too quickly. Boo for time passing quickly.

On Saturday, Rick joined us for a a leaf hunting adventure. We went to Keene, New Hampshire, where we were charmed by five covered bridges. Thankfully, New Hampshire's bridges aren't London bridges so they aren't falling down, ha ha. Anyway, there isn't much narration necessary, so here are some autumnal photos from New Hampshire.
This one makes me chuckle. Have you ever heard of a "frost free" library? And who in the world would ever want to go to a non "frost free" library? Ha ha! It's actually just the library's name. A lot of the libraries in NH are named Whatever "Free Library." 
Ok, back to the New England colors.
And now for some covered bridges. Ta da! Oops. This photo is crooked. Hrumph.
Here we are posing on a rickety picnic bench in front of some pretty leaves.
Here's another bridge.
This is a view of the inside.
This is its outside

and the river which it bridges.
This was the third one we saw. I didn't get many photos. There really wasn't that much to see at this one.
The next one was a bit more interesting. 
Then we headed towards the last one. You know you're in a small town when the local church invites everyone to a bean supper. 
We finally came across my favorite bridge. 
This is basically the same photo, but I like the branches, so I'm posting it anyway. You know me. There are never too many tree branches.
The granite slab is shaped like New Hampshire.
That's my car at the other end of the bridge. Hmm. Another slanting photo. You can tell I hadn't yet had my morning coffee before I loaded these photos.
These views were from the bridge.
Then we headed home. We didn't see many deep red leaves, but we should see some this weekend. Unless, of course, all of this rain knocks the leaves off of the trees.
That's it for today. Hope you're having a great week!

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Christy Lynn said...

Yay, you're' back! Been thinking about you the last few days but I haven't been emailing :( You know what, anymore I think my crooked pictures are just 'cause my eyeballs are crooked, so I'm just gonna go with it.

Whenever we go see a movie on base (which here isn't that often as we like the local theater better than the base one), they play the national anthem prior to the show and they do a video of all kinds of Americana stuff. There's this one helicopter shot of a New England church with trees all around it in their fall colors, and I always think that must be somewhere near where you live. If it's not, then I still *imagine* that's what it looks like where you live, ha!