Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Quick Trip to Colorado

In early September, we traveled to Colorado for a wedding (the daughter of some very dear friends). The first thing we did was check out our previous home. Pretty, huh? We really loved that home. We enjoyed five wonderful years there, though they passed much too quickly.
These are the views of the Rocky Mountains which we enjoyed every single day. I really, really, REALLY miss the mountains! Their beauty never fails to captivate me.
That's Long's Peak in the background, one of Colorado's "Fourteeners." No, I never climbed it. Nor did I ever have any desire to do so. I was happy just looking at it. :)
These are known as the Flatirons. They grace Boulder in what's known as Chattaqua Park. Looking at these photos makes me want to move back NOW!
Courtney's wedding was beautiful! We had great seats for the wedding, but it was hard to get good photos without being totally rude to the people sitting next to me. So I did my best. You'll get the idea.
The gray-haried gentleman on the left is Robyn's dad. He is near and dear to my heart. Robyn's parents have always been the absolute sweetest, most kind and generous people to me. To WIlliam's right are Justin and Robyn, parents of the bride and our dear friends.
Another shot of the bride and groom.
I LOVE this photo! Robyn's twin boys, Matt and Ryan, are seniors in college. Matt was in my first 3rd grade class at Monarch K-8. In fact, that's how I met Robyn. Two years later, she became my 3rd grade teaching partner, and we've been inseparable ever since. (I got the next two photos from Robyn. Wish I had taken them!)
I think is the absolute sweetest photo! It was taken during the reception. Justin + Robyn 4 ever! Don't you think that should be carved into a tree somewhere? The Vickster says to get on it, J-Man! LOL
Here we are with Vic and Mo Gulas. When we lived in CO, we literally hung out with them every weekend. We get to visit back and forth every once in awhile, but not nearly as much as we would like. I must say that we are a pretty hot bunch of grandparents, are we not? Ha ha!
Wishing you a fabulous Wednesday, peeps!

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