Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Still Rockin' My 50th!

For my 50th birthday, Brittany and Emma took me to the Carrie Underwood Blown Away concert! It was unbelievably AWESOME!!! Miss Emma lasted the whole night and had so much fun! She really got into it. Check out her pink cowgirl hat.
I bought us T-shirts. Emma could not have been more ecstatic!
She even made a sign  for Carrie.
As usual, Miss Emma wanted to do a "silly faces" photo. These are always my favorites. 
This was followed by even more silliness.
Our seats were soooooooo good! We were on the second level and were just to the right of center stage. 
See the diamond-shaped piece of flooring just in front of Carrie in the above photo? Well, that piece of flooring lifted up out of the stage and "floated" above the audience, basically all the way back to us. It was so cool!
Look at Miss Emma holding up her sign for Carrie to see. I love this shot of the back of her head and her two little ponytails. So sweet!
Seriously, look at how close they were to us~close enough to get some pretty good shots.
I love this photo, too. That's Emma's hand waving to Carrie.
Carrie waved right at Emma. At least that's what Emma knows to be true. Who am I to disagree, especially after seeing this reaction to Carrie's wave?
And here's Miss Emma waving bye-bye as the stage receded.
Emma was one tired little concert goer on the way home.
What a blast! Thank you, Brittany and Emma, for a wicked birthday gift! (In Bostonese, wicked means awesome!)

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ccroll said...

Looks like a great time was had by all!!! :)

Email me when you get a chance, birthday girl...I got a skater image for you. :)