Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Five Years Passed in the Blink of an Eye

I'm pretty sure that my mama will literally stop breathing if I don't post photos of Emma's first day of kindergarten. Mama, take a deep breath and enjoy!

You may remember that I bought this dress for Emma to wear on Mother's Day. It came with a matching dress for her Bitty Baby, aka Lucy. 
She decided to wear it for her first day of school. Our dear friends, Vic and Mo, sent her a very pinkity and princessy backpack for her birthday. She refused to use it before her first day of school. You can see that she was super excited!
On her first day of kindergarten, I wanted to take a photo of Emma holding the photo I took of her when she was born. I tried it first with her holding her birth announcement.
Then I tried it with this large photo which hangs above Brittany's bed. I love this photo because of the stories it tells. Emma was three days old in this photo. Daisies are Brittany's favorite flower, and I brought a bouquet of them to the hospital. The daisy in the photo is from that bouquet. You've heard me talk about Robyn, my friend in CO. She and her hubby, Justin, were Emma's first visitors in the hospital. They brought Brittany a beautiful bouquet of roses. The rose petals in this frame are from that bouquet. Sweet, huh?
I decided to go with this one since it's easier to see Emma as a baby. In fact, it's pretty close to life-sized, so it's like Emma holding herself. The background's not so great, but the background isn't what matters so I got over it. Anyway, I framed an 8x10 of this and gave it to Brittany. And, as I'm sure you already guessed, I made one for myself. I kind of wanted a poster of it, or maybe even a mural, ha ha! Anyway, my plan is to have Emma holding this photo on her first day of elementary school, then have her hold that photo on the first day of middle school, then have her hold that photo on the first day of high school. Cool, huh?

Where oh where have the last five years gone? One thing I do know: I have LOVED every minute of those five years. I may be getting gray and arthritic, but life keeps getting better. 

Mama, my next post will be my birthday pics. Love you!

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