Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emma's Happy Day and Paris Day Three: Notre-Dame

Yesterday, I shared Emma's sad day with Bruce, her beloved betta fish. Well, her mama took her to get a new fish last night. Let me introduce Elmo Sebastian Burns!
Me: Your new fish is beautiful! How did you chose it?
Emma: Giffy, it was sooooooooo hard to decide. I kept looking and looking and looking and I was like "I CANNOT DECIDE!" But I really love his colors.
Me: How do you know that it's a boy?
Emma: Because I named him Elmo Sebastian Burns and that's a boy name.
Me: Well, that is a very cool name. How did you choose it?
Emma: I was thinking of Sebastian [the crab in The Little Mermaid] because he's the same color. And just as I was thinking this, Mommy suggested Elmo. Then I thought in my head, "Mommy, you're a GENIUS!" (Said as she dramatically tapped her hands on the sides of her head and then lifted them up in the air.) So that's how he got his name Elmo Sebastian Burns. But you can call him just Elmo Sebastian. 

Ahh, life with a five-year-old! I love it!

Anyway, back to Paris we go. Two posts ago, I gave you some historical scoop on Notre-Dame. I also told you that the line was soooooo long that we weren't able to go inside. We thought we'd try again, but the line was still ridiculously long. So I took more photos of the exterior just in case I missed something in the first batch. Besides, I really liked how the sky looked this day. (Okay, I'm not even kidding myself. We all know I just love taking photos.)
I really like this one. See what I mean about the sky?
We weren't up for the long line so we detoured to Saint-Chapelle and the Conciergerie. (You can read about those in the previous post.) After we had toured those sites, it began to pour. Hoping that the line would be shorter because of the rain, we ran back over to Notre-Dame. Our strategy worked: there was hardly any line at all and we finally made it inside. Yay for rain! I took this photo as I entered the main doors. It looks straight towards the high altar at the opposite end.
This is a closer look at the ceiling, taken in the same direction.
Here are some random photos. I'm not sure about their historical details. Still, they were beautiful to see. I tried to take some artsy photos of the architecture. You know that I like to pretend to be artsy. 
I really like the angle in this one. (Yes angle, not angel.)
This rose window "depicts the Virgin encircled by figures from the Old Testament." (DK Eyewitness Travel: Paris, page 84.) 
This statue portrays Joan of Arc.
Here's the pulpit. 
These are two of my favorite peeps (Brennan and Emma).
The weather was beautiful again by the time we excited. Unfortunately, with the return of the nice weather came a long line to go up to the viewing deck. I guess we'll just have to do that next time.
The other day, I showed you some photos of the side of Notre-Dame. These were taken from the opposite side. I can't decide which ones are my faves, so here you go. Notre-Dame overload, I know~but isn't it pretty?
Okay, so maybe I do have a few favorites, such as this one.
And this one. I guess you could have guessed that because of the tree branches, huh?
Okay, these two, too. (I love saying that: two, too. It reminds me of Don Orsillo, one of the NESN announcers for the Red Sox. He loves to say, "It's two and two to ____" meaning, of course, that there are two strikes and two balls to whomever is the batter. And maybe I kind of sort of sometimes daydream about having his job. So please just humor me a teensy bit and let me say, "two too," okay? Thanks!)
Emma really enjoyed hanging out on the bridges.
She especially loved it when a very nice gentleman gave her some food for the birds.
Emma cracked up when I showed her this photo. It totally looks like this lady has a bird head, doesn't it?
This was the same bridge on which a woman and her son planned to mug us. Rick and I were walking across the bridge, when a woman and a boy who looked to be about 10 showed us a gold wedding ring that they had supposedly found on the ground. She tried to give it to me but I refused to keep it and we kept our eyes on both of them the whole time. We think that the plan was for the woman to engage us in conversation about the ring while the boy would pickpocket us. Too bad for them that we didn't buy their act. After we crossed the bridge, I turned back and saw them approaching someone else. Hmm. Guess it happens everywhere, doesn't it?  

At any rate, we couldn't resist playing in the Square Jean XXIII behind Notre-Dame.
Across from Square Jean XXIII, we found a small Holocaust museum. Brittany and I toured it, but the guide asked us not to post photos on the internet so I won't. If you go to Notre-Dame, it would be worth your time to visit this museum. 

Also across from Square Jean XXIII is the popular Pont de Archeveche, the bridge upon which many couples have locked padlocks. This is actually a site around which a ton of controversy swirls. An interesting article about this was recently published in the NY Times. If you're interested, you can read it here.
Then it was time for another scrumptious dinner, this one in the Latin Quarter. Emma really enjoyed the creme brûlée! 
I even caught a few shots of the sun setting over the Seine.
For now, I bid you adieu. 

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Christy Lynn said...

Had no idea the Holocaust museum was there. Lee and I did spend at least an hour in Square Jean Vingt-Trois (which is French for 23) just enjoying the beautiful weather and people-watching. I think we both enjoyed just sitting in Parisian parks the best of our entire trip :)

I swear the "prove you're not a robot" things are getting harder.