Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Mini Me

Emma made a pop-up book for Papa. It's called Astreatops. Emma dictated for Mommy.
"Astreatops is a dinosaur that lives in Hudson. It drinks milk, fish spit, and salt water. It never leaves Hudson because it lays a lot of eggs and has lots of babies.
Astreatops are a hundred feet tall! If you don't know about them, ask me because I know.
They eat fish, ducks, and flowers. Astreatops could be rainbow-colored, red, or yellow. They make a very loud noise--ROOOAAARRR!!! They like to sleep in caves, nests, and people's garages. Don't be afraid of them--they like to snuggle and kiss a lot!
I don't know how long they live, but they do live a long time. Astreatops really like people, and will even say, 'I love you!' They never cry.
Clownasaurs are Astreatops' best friends, but they hate to wear dresses. Astreatops are great, but watch out for their potty! There are 99 Asreatops in Hudson!
You should look out for these dinosaurs, because believing in yourself is what Astreatops is all about!"
Maybe someday we'll author a book together and go on a whirlwind book tour around the world! 

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