Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Quick Detour

Here's a quick detour from my vacay photos. My sweet friend, Robyn, just came to visit for four days. Emma loves Robyn as much as I do! Here they are at our favorite local restaurant, Chloe's.
 Emma invited Robyn to a tea party in her bedroom. Check out how fancy schmancy Emma looks~Mommy had just given her a "makeover."
Rick had just enough points for us to spend one night at the Marriott on Atlantic Ave in Boston. Talk about having a princess weekend! Here's the hotel...
and the views from our room.
We walked over to the Quincy Market shopping area and ate lunch at Cheers.
Here's Robyn with her new man, Norm! LOL Trust me, her real man, Justin, is wwwaaaaaayyyyyyy better.
After shopping for awhile, we walked back towards our hotel. We were supposed to be hit with some bad storms, but we really only had some light rain and stormy skies. Here's the skyline view across from our hotel.
We ate dinner at Joe's on Atlantic Ave. After ordering, we were sooo busy chatting away that we didn't realize an hour had passed and we still hadn't received our meals. Our server was super sweet and kept apologizing, but still no meals. We were nice and didn't fuss, saying that we were doing fine with our bread and wine. Our server was so cute: "Well, bread and wine worked for Jesus. And he did pretty well for himself!" We knew we liked her! Anyway, the manager comped us for our dinner and our server thanked us for being so nice. 
We were so happy to have had a free dinner that we celebrated with cannolis from Mike's Pastry. Just let me say that Robyn discovered that she LOVES chocolate cream cannolis. She also discovered that they aren't just for dessert, but they make a perfect breakfast as well. Just one of the many reasons I love her!

The next day we headed into downtown Boston. As usual, I took yet more photos of steeples LOL.
Robyn's read the book Make Way for Ducklings a kazillion times to her students (she's a 3rd grade teacher), so she was excited to see the little duck island which inspired the book. 
 We tried to get s good self-portrait on the bridge but concluded that neither of us has arms long enough to do so, so this was as good as it got. Robyn looks great but me not so much. Oh well.
 We met Rick for dinner in Boston's North End (aka Little Italy). In addition to a fabulous dinner, we enjoyed one of the traditional Saint Festivals which occur every weekend during the summer. The photos aren't too clear because I had my camera raised above my head and couldn't tell if things were in focus or not. But you'll get the gist. 
This is a statue of a saint, though I haven't any idea which one. There are a multitude of long ribbons hanging around the statue. Every so often the parade comes to a stand still so that shopkeepers, restaurant owners, and spectators can pin money to the ribbons. I haven't the slightest clue what it all means but it sure was a big deal.
And then Robyn had to go home. I know she has a life outside of me, but boo hoo. I already miss her. :(

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Christy Lynn said...

Cannolis for breakfast sounds like a really fantastic idea. Then again, I have a rather broad interpretation when it comes to breakfast foods :D Glad you gals had a good time together! So when do you think we'll get to meet IRL? Wouldn't that be fun!