Sunday, June 3, 2012

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Poor Miss Emma! She has pretty much been sick for the last three weeks. Just when we thought she was getting better, she'd relapse with a fever, a cough, a sore throat, and gunky eyes. What seemed like a bad cold now seems like an infection somewhere, especially since no one else has caught whatever she has, which would be really odd if it's viral. Her doctor finally put her on antibiotics. Hopefully she'll start feeling much better.

Anyway, Brittany and I got to enjoy six--yes six--Mother's Day celebrations. Celebration #1: We celebrated at home the week before Mother's Day mostly because Emma's gift for her mommy was too big to take with us to CA. 

Emma comes up with her own gift ideas. She actually puts a lot of thought into her gifts, which is really sweet. At the end of the last school year, one of Brittany's students gave her a really nice poolside cup. Last summer, Brittany and Emma were at their pool pretty much every day that they weren't at the beach. One day, after the girls walked back to their apartment from the pool, they realized that they had left Brittany's special cup at the pool. So they turned around and went to get it. When they got there, the cup was gone. It was literally a one-minute walk each way, and the pair of ladies were the only other people there. Brittany asked if they had seen her cup. They both denied it, but it was pretty obvious that they had taken it. Anyway, the injustice of this really bothered Emma. She is such a Pollyanna-ish rule follower, just like her GIffy. :) Flash forward to this Mother's Day. Emma really wanted to get her mommy a new special cup. She found one with flip flops all over it, which then spurned the idea of "the beach in a bag." She chose a large utility bag with a print that reminded her of bubbles in water, a beach towel for two (because, she explained, her mommy would always rather share with Emma than have her own towel, LOL), a new bucket of sand toys (mommy loves to build sand castles with Emma), a Disney Princess paddle ball set (mommy loves to play with Emma at the beach), sunscreen, an insulated lunch bag, frozen ice packs, a Beach chair with backpack straps so mommy can carry it on her back, and the dolphin charm for her Pandora bracelet (Emma's favorite sea animal is a dolphin, and this way mommy will always remember that). It's a good thing that Brittany loves the beach!
The girls decided to take me to tea for Mother's Day. Britt outlined this picture and Emma colored it, then they framed it. Is this not the CUTEST invitation to a tea?
And here's my favorite part...
Celebration #2: Later that week, Brittany got her first school-made Mother's Day gift.
Celebration #3: As you may remember, on the real Mother's Day Brittany and Emma spent the morning in a San Francisco ER having Emma's eyes checked. Later, they joined us for a yummalishious brunch at my brother's house. Here are Brittany and her cousin, Jennifer (one year older than Britt) and their daughters. Actually, Alexia, who is seven, is Jennifer's oldest daughter. Emma adores Lexi! She cried when we left and wants to know when we're going back to Alexia's house.
And here are the girls with their mamas/grandmas added to the group. That's my SIL, Lori, on the far right.
This is Brooke, Jennifer's baby girl. She was sleeping during our group shots. She is sooooooooooooooooo sweet and beautiful, just like her mama. Oh, by the way, Brittany made the matching dresses for Alexia and Brooke. They are soooo pretty!
Emma loved Jesse, too!
Alexia and Emma declared their clubhouse to be for girls only, ha ha. But they let the guys stand there for a group shot (Bill, Keaton, Rick, and Brennan). Bill and Lori's son and son-in-law, both named Ryan, had to work that day.
Celebration 4: After a lovely afternoon at Bill and Lori's house, we ventured to Mary's house (Rick's little sister) for Mother's Day dinner. Here's Rick with his mama, Anne, and her husband, Jim. 
Emma loves to be with her cousins! These boys are Mary's sons, Quinn and Xander. They were so good about playing with Emma even though she's a girl and is younger than they are. Emma had a blast!
Celebration #5: As we left Mary's house, the boys surprised us with an impromptu celebration of our own. Every year, they give Brittany a Mother's Day gift. Is that sweet or what? Ahh, I love my kiddos! They had a gift for me, too, but for some reason we didn't get a picture of that. :(
Celebration #6: After we retuned home, the girls and I went to tea. Thankfully, this was one of the days when Emma felt a bit better. She decided to take Lucy, her Bitty Baby doll, with us. Check out the matching I dresses I knew they had to have.
After we sat at our table, the owner brought a high chair for Lucy.
Such a good little mama!
And when they served us, they brought a mini tea set and mini tea sandwiches (real ones!) for Lucy.
So there you have it: Mother's Day x 6! The only thing missing was celebration #7 with my mama. Boo hoo. :( 

Hope your June is off to a fab start!

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Amber Hight said...

Hi Ms. Vicki!!! Love these pictures of you and your girls:) Emma is so sweet, hope she starts feeling better!!! Miss chatting with you:)