Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can I Have a Redo?

Wanna hear about my first day of summer? Well, it started out with not one but TWO rounds of mammogram pictures (a few of the photos weren't clear the first time around). By the time I was done, I figured that it was not a good idea to go bra shopping that day. After all, bras are labeled with cup sizes, not frisbee sizes. LOL Later that same afternoon I had to go to the doctor for pink eye in BOTH eyes. So. Not. Fun. Then one of my doggies threw up 11, yes ELEVEN times. You can imagine the mess. My bare feet felt like they were on a Slip and Slide, except there wasn't a water hose attached, just  you know... So between my pancakes, gooey eyes, and doggie vomit, I really, really, REALLY wanted a do over for my first day of summer!

Needless to say, I didn't accomplish much for the next few days. Now I am running around like crazy trying to bathe the dogs, pick up the house, and do last minute errands before we leave on our trip. But I know my mama wants to see some Emma photos, so here you go.

Emma and Papa decided to make cookies. We often resort to the pre-made break-apart kind. That way we are limited in the number of cookies we can consume 
 Emma wasn't too thrilled with Papa when he said he was going to eat ALL of the cookies. Ha ha!
At her last dance class of the year, Emma received a medal. Yes, all of the girls got them, but that didn't matter one bit to Emma. She is so proud of that medal, as she should be. 
 And check out her 'do! 
 I love this photo~Emma was admiring her medal as I took photos of her hair.
Mama, you'll be happy to know that I have posts ready for tomorrow and Friday. So be sure to check!

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Christy Lynn said...

I sure hope you're all better and healthy in time for your trip! Ree's parents and his sister & her family get here on Saturday so I'll be busy, busy too. Wish I didn't have to put the kids in the kennel, especially Sadie with her surgery! Hope you have a *lovely* trip!!