Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brittany's Graduation

In May, Brittany received her MA in education. I am soooooooooo proud of her!
The sweetest moments? When Emma yelled, "Go Mommy" (you can hear her on the video) and when she hugged her mommy and gave her a bouquet of flowers as she walked past us.
Brittany and her favorite professor.
The proud Papa
Emma was dying to wear her mommy's graduation cap. :)
And, of course, she had to be silly while wearing it! I LOVE this kid! She's a true Burns!
Mommy lovin'!
A photo of Brittany's "hood." No, not her neighborhood. Her hood hood.
We popped open a bottle of champagne at home. We had to toast Brittany's achievement!
Emma drew a special photo of herself with mommy (in her graduation cap) and their kitty Bella (also in a graduation cap).
The illustration was wrapped in an illustrated envelope. Emma told us the story associated with the illustration. I think she's a little author-in-the-making! Can she be my mini-me even if I'm not her mommy?
Emma also gave her mommy the graduation cap charm for her Pandora bracelet. Emma was really intrigued with that hat!
A few days later, we threw a small celebration dinner party for Brittany. Starting in the left front: Michael (Rick's brother), me, Rick, Patrick (Audrey's boyfriend), Audrey (Brittany's friend since infanthood), Emma, Brittany, Susan (Michael's girlfriend), and Mari (Keaton's girlfriend's mom as well as my friend).
Audrey and Brittany.
Hooray for Brittany! Love you, my sweet baby girl!

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