Saturday, June 16, 2012

Being a Princess is Such Hard Work...

...for me and for my Mini-Me's Mini-Me! HereI am with my Prince Charming at Fenway Park (or, in Bostonese, Fenway Pahhhhhhhhhk). Yes, the Sox won! Woo hoo!
 Here we are the next week at a Brad Paisley concert, which was totally awesome!

This guy sat a few rows in front of us. (Well, actually, he had seats a few rows in front of us but people never sit at a concert unless they're really old and since we steadfastly refuse to participate in being old, we stood all night, too. Don't ask me how badly my knees and feet hurt. I will refuse to answer because I am not participating in being old. LOL) He had a hat constructed from a Coors box. It's just my personal opinion, but I suspect that this guy is a bit too fond of beer.
Anyway, being a princess really is hard work. Just ask Miss Emma. Apparently getting a pedicure wiped her out!
And what's a princess to do when she has two pairs of sandals that she loves so much that she cannot decide which pair to wear? Princess Emma knew exactly what to do.
And in true princess fashion, Emma showed off her newest fashion trend.
Wishing you a happy weekend!


Christy Lynn said...

My friend Jamie always fell asleep during pedicures at Cocok's with the Silent K :) Love Princess Emma's blue tongue, that's quite the fashion!

Lori said...

And, where are your princess shoes my dear?