Thursday, June 28, 2012

Emma's Big Day

It's so hard to believe that Miss Emma graduated from pre-school! How can this be possible? She was just born yesterday!

Anyway, her class had a little year-end celebration. Emma didn't know that her mommy was going to come. When Brittany walked into the room, Emma look astonished and said, "How did this happen?" Then she proudly announced, "Hey, everybody, my mommy's here!" She even ran over to get a hug. 
Emma's class performed a few songs. I love it when little kids sing and make accompanying hand motions. Too cute!
Then Emma received her certificate...
...and came back for another hug.
Here's Miss Emma with her BFF
and her first puppy love. Awwwwww!
And here she is with her teachers, Miss Heidi and Miss Judy.
Mommy had to return to work. So what's a Giffy to do to help her granddaughter celebrate her big day? Take her out for an ice cream lunch, of course!
Followed by a scavenger hunt for a little present (Art Teacher Barbie).
Think I'll go look through my 85 scrapbooks of Emma. I need to see her baby photos. Sniff. Sniff. (Really, I only have 3 scrapbooks. Well, maybe 4. Really.)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Can I Have a Redo?

Wanna hear about my first day of summer? Well, it started out with not one but TWO rounds of mammogram pictures (a few of the photos weren't clear the first time around). By the time I was done, I figured that it was not a good idea to go bra shopping that day. After all, bras are labeled with cup sizes, not frisbee sizes. LOL Later that same afternoon I had to go to the doctor for pink eye in BOTH eyes. So. Not. Fun. Then one of my doggies threw up 11, yes ELEVEN times. You can imagine the mess. My bare feet felt like they were on a Slip and Slide, except there wasn't a water hose attached, just  you know... So between my pancakes, gooey eyes, and doggie vomit, I really, really, REALLY wanted a do over for my first day of summer!

Needless to say, I didn't accomplish much for the next few days. Now I am running around like crazy trying to bathe the dogs, pick up the house, and do last minute errands before we leave on our trip. But I know my mama wants to see some Emma photos, so here you go.

Emma and Papa decided to make cookies. We often resort to the pre-made break-apart kind. That way we are limited in the number of cookies we can consume 
 Emma wasn't too thrilled with Papa when he said he was going to eat ALL of the cookies. Ha ha!
At her last dance class of the year, Emma received a medal. Yes, all of the girls got them, but that didn't matter one bit to Emma. She is so proud of that medal, as she should be. 
 And check out her 'do! 
 I love this photo~Emma was admiring her medal as I took photos of her hair.
Mama, you'll be happy to know that I have posts ready for tomorrow and Friday. So be sure to check!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Being a Princess is Such Hard Work...

...for me and for my Mini-Me's Mini-Me! HereI am with my Prince Charming at Fenway Park (or, in Bostonese, Fenway Pahhhhhhhhhk). Yes, the Sox won! Woo hoo!
 Here we are the next week at a Brad Paisley concert, which was totally awesome!

This guy sat a few rows in front of us. (Well, actually, he had seats a few rows in front of us but people never sit at a concert unless they're really old and since we steadfastly refuse to participate in being old, we stood all night, too. Don't ask me how badly my knees and feet hurt. I will refuse to answer because I am not participating in being old. LOL) He had a hat constructed from a Coors box. It's just my personal opinion, but I suspect that this guy is a bit too fond of beer.
Anyway, being a princess really is hard work. Just ask Miss Emma. Apparently getting a pedicure wiped her out!
And what's a princess to do when she has two pairs of sandals that she loves so much that she cannot decide which pair to wear? Princess Emma knew exactly what to do.
And in true princess fashion, Emma showed off her newest fashion trend.
Wishing you a happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Catching Up

A teensy bit of catching up...

Rick travelled to South Korea a few weeks ago. Of course, he always brings something home for his little sweetheart. 
And he always brings something for his old sweetheart, too. This is a really pretty ceramic tea set. Each cup has its own strainer and lid so tea can be brewed right in the cup. The plates aren't saucers, but rather snack plates. It looks so cool on our black furniture!
Rick will be in CA on Father's Day, so we celebrated a bit early. Emma and Brittany gave Papa a Beach Day: Belgian waffles for breakfast at a nearby cafe, a play day at the beach, and lunch. Emma even drew a picture of herself with Papa at the beach.
 Click on the photo below to enlarge it. Just so you know: the big "bumps" on Emma are her water wings. LOL! And check out Papa's hairdo.
 Poor Miss Emma has had a rough time for the last month. I told you about how sick she's been since we went to CA. On June 1st, her pediatrician prescribed amoxicillin which worked well on whatever infection she had. The bad news is that after a week of taking the medication, Emma had a pretty severe allergic reaction to it. She literally broke out in hives from head to toe, including her palms and soles. This photo was taken before the reaction reached it's peak.
Needless to say, Emma stopped taking the medication and can never take penicillin or any of its derivatives. Brittany had taken amoxicillin many times as a kid, but when she had her wisdom teeth removed, she reacted to penicillin. The doctor said this particular allergy is often genetic. Anyway, Emma has been taking Benadryl every 6 hours and will continue to do so until every little spot is gone. Poor baby! And even though she was horribly itchy, she didn't complain. What a trooper! I would surely have had a meltdown!

I'm almost done catching up on my To Do List. Yea! After that, I may just have more time for blogging. My mama will be thrilled!

Hope you  have an itch-free day!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Maybe you've read the totally awesome book by this title, or maybe you've seen the totally awesome movie. (The 3-D version is soooo cool!) Maybe not. Either way, Emma's racing for meatballs. Enjoy!
Happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brittany's Graduation

In May, Brittany received her MA in education. I am soooooooooo proud of her!
The sweetest moments? When Emma yelled, "Go Mommy" (you can hear her on the video) and when she hugged her mommy and gave her a bouquet of flowers as she walked past us.
Brittany and her favorite professor.
The proud Papa
Emma was dying to wear her mommy's graduation cap. :)
And, of course, she had to be silly while wearing it! I LOVE this kid! She's a true Burns!
Mommy lovin'!
A photo of Brittany's "hood." No, not her neighborhood. Her hood hood.
We popped open a bottle of champagne at home. We had to toast Brittany's achievement!
Emma drew a special photo of herself with mommy (in her graduation cap) and their kitty Bella (also in a graduation cap).
The illustration was wrapped in an illustrated envelope. Emma told us the story associated with the illustration. I think she's a little author-in-the-making! Can she be my mini-me even if I'm not her mommy?
Emma also gave her mommy the graduation cap charm for her Pandora bracelet. Emma was really intrigued with that hat!
A few days later, we threw a small celebration dinner party for Brittany. Starting in the left front: Michael (Rick's brother), me, Rick, Patrick (Audrey's boyfriend), Audrey (Brittany's friend since infanthood), Emma, Brittany, Susan (Michael's girlfriend), and Mari (Keaton's girlfriend's mom as well as my friend).
Audrey and Brittany.
Hooray for Brittany! Love you, my sweet baby girl!