Saturday, May 5, 2012

Just Humor Me...

Thankfully, my ear FINALLY feels better! That was a long  two weeks. Ahh, the joys and mysteries of growing older! But since I staunchly refuse to participate in being old, I will instead post happy, youthful things. Which, of course, leads right to Emma, LOL. Here she is hugging the Easter bunny. 
I may have posted this already. In fact, I may have posted all of these photos already. But if I go back and check that will prove that my memory is getting old. So please humor me and act like you've never seen these before, okay? 

Here is some art work from Miss Emma. I love the way she spelled mine. Yes, this made her mommy cry!
And here's one she made for me. She's so good at drawing flowers! And because I am a proud and braggy grandma, I would like to point out that not only did she draw a beautiful rainbow, but she drew the colors in the correct order. Roy G Biv still rocks! (Roy G Biv is how I taught my students to remember the colors of a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. I'm sure we all remember that from elementary school.)
And just because it's pretty, here's a sunset photo I took from my front porch. 

Up for a few Emmaisms?

Emma: Giffy, I got shots today. 
Giffy: How many?
Emma: Two. One for chicken pots and one for weasels.

Emma comes up with some very sophisticated games. We were playing "Tangled," in which Emma was Rapunzel and was running an ice cream stand in the park near her kingdom. Apparently I was her mother, the Queen. 

Emma: Mom, could you please watch my ice cream stand while I go into the castle to make brown balls?
Giffy: Sure. But what are the brown balls for?
Emma: Mother! I don't want you to tell everyone in the kingdom that I am pooping, so just tell them I am making brown balls!

Emma: Mother, I'd like you to meet Eugene. You can call him Flynn. 
Giffy: It's nice to meet you, Flynn. Rapunzel, is Flynn your husband?
Emma: No, we're not married yet. So all we get to do is hold hands and kiss a lot.
Giffy's mind: (Her mother is soooooooooo gonna freak out! Ha ha!)

That's it for this morning. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


arlene said...

Glad you're feeling better. Yes I did spew my coffee reding thr Emmaisms - poor Brittaney, though maybe not so much when she becomes the Hollywood diva winning an Oscar

Christy Lynn said...

I can't humor you because I'm in England, so I have to humour you instead. Glad you're feeling better!