Friday, May 18, 2012

Can You Say CHAOS?

The last week has been CRAZY! Here's the scoop. Last Friday, we were headed to CA for Keaton's graduation. Emma had a fever, but seemed okay...until she got in the car. Yup, she vomited. So Emma and Brittany stayed behind while Rick and I headed to the airport. By the time we were on our plane, Emma was running around, playing, and eating as if she had never been sick. So Brittany rescheduled them for the 6 AM flight on Saturday. Emma slept well all night and ate a huge breakfast.

As Brittany got out of her car at the airport, she heard air hissing out of one tire. There wasn't much she could do about it without missing her flight, so she left it. Emma fared well for the first four hours of the flight, but wasn't feeling well for the last two hours. When she got off the plane, she chugged a big cup of ice water which promptly repositioned itself out of her stomach onto the floor. Thankfully all that came out was water! She felt great for the rest of the day. In the meantime, Keaton decided not to go to the huge graduation ceremony. It was 4 hours long in the blazing sun and none of his friends were going. He decided he would rather spend the day with us so we went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. We wanted to go to the botanical garden as well, but we ran out of time and had to get all gussied up for Keaton's party that evening.

Our plan for Sunday morning was to go to church with my brother's family. Brittany decided not to take Emma because she didn't want her to be exposed to any other illnesses, so the boys were going to pick her up and meet us at my brother's for brunch. Rick and I headed out before Emma awoke so we didn't get to see her ginormously swollen and gunky eye. We were already well on our way when Brittany called us and we would have turned around except that the boys were already on their way to her. So the four of them spent Mother's Day morning in the ER to discover that Emma had pink eye and needed antibiotic drops. We figured that this pretty much killed the rest of our plans as we didn't want to expose anybody. But our families told us not to worry, just to keep Emma away from her baby cousin. Are they sweet or what??? So our offspring met us at my brother's for brunch, followed by Mother's Day dinner at Rick's sister's house.

The girls headed home bright and early on Monday morning. Emma was fine for the flight, and actually slept for three hours. But remember Brittany's tire? Well, she got to her car and this is what she found.
Thankfully, the airport has a free service for battery jumps and tires. But when the guy got to Brittany, he informed her that he's not allowed to put on spare tires, only inflate low tires. The sight of a young woman alone with a child at night must have touched him because he called his boss and asked for permission to put on the spare. We were all very thankful! We spent the rest of the day enjoying the pomp and circumstance of Keaton's department graduation ceremony. Brittany and Emma made it home safely.

Then came Tuesday morning. Rick flies a ton, and by that I mean at least 100,000 miles a year for many years. He gets upgraded to first class a lot. We were happy to get the emails saying that we had been upgraded for the flight home. Then we got to the airport and were "helped" (and I use that term quite sarcastically) by a very rude woman in the Red Carpet Club. Not only were our email notifications a "computer glitch and are untrue," but our original seats had been released when we received the phony upgrade. When we tried to ask questions, this rude woman stuck her hand out at us in a "stop" motion and said, "Don't tell it to me, write a letter to United." Can you believe this???????? It's a good thing that my calm, gentle husband was with me. I seriously thought about crawling over that counter and doing something worthy of a pair of shiny metal bracelets. But since I really didn't want Emma to have an incarcerated grandma, I let Rick calm me down and deal with this woman. Long story short, we  did end up with seats and Rick's working on the letter. After all of that, our flight was two hours late. Argh.  In the meantime, Brittany and Emma spent two hours getting her tire fixed. 

After four hours of sleep for us, Miss Emma and her better looking eye arrived bright and early Wednesday morning. I was so out of it that I napped with her before we headed off to Mommy's Facing History awards ceremony in Boston. Brittany's grad school graduation was last night and her party is tomorrow night. Then Rick leaves for Seoul before the crack of dawn on Sunday.

Yes, I am exhausted but it's been an awesome week. I'm so proud of my kiddos! I finally made it through my 200+ photos. Now I need to upload some video and then I'll start posting. In the meantime, I thought you'd like to see Emma's fashion designs. Some friends of ours gave Emma a Barbie dress decorating kit. Can you tell she likes bling?
And then there's this one. Emma calls it Barbie's "happy dress." Now picture this dress on Barbie. I'm pretty sure it's Ken's "happy dress," too!
Off I go to treat my girls to Starbucks treats and pedicures. TGIF!

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cYou definitely deserve a Starbucks and Pedicure after all of that, but I am sure glad that I got to see you.g