Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

Actually, since Easter has already passed, I should say "There went Peter Cottontail..." In my defense, it is baseball season. I usually play on my computer while I watch the games, but the BoSox roster has undergone a lot of changes, so I need to watch carefully to study the new players to see if they gain my approval, ha ha. 

Back to Easter. As usual, Miss Emma squealed when a package arrived from Aunt Kristin. Inside of a princess backpack, Emma found flower-shaped pancake molds, a bunny plate, pink pancake mix, and pink strawberry syrup. She was giddy! She and mommy made these for breakfast on Saturday morning. Emma loved them!
Then we decorated Easter eggs.
Miss Emma made this for me. She's quite the artist, isn't she? And she even drew a rainbow with all of the colors in the correct order. That made my teacher's heart soooooooo happy and proud. :)
Here we are all glammed up for church. 
Since Emma always leaves cookies and reindeer food for Santa, she thought it would be nice to leave a cookie and a decorated Easter egg for the Easter Bunny. And whadya know~he left her a thank you note!
He also left her a basket full of gardening things. Check out the hippo watering can. Too cute!
Tiffany, of course, had to be smack dab in the middle of everything.
As did Indy. I think he was waiting for a jelly bean.
Somewhere along the line, I bought this Calico Critters Nursery School for Emma, put it in a safe place so I would know where it was, then completely forgot about it. (Perhaps that's indicative of the mental fogginess my doctor asked about, ha ha.) When I found it a few days before Easter, I decided to give it to her. Not sure she liked it, though.
Then we went on an indoor egg hunt. Emma hid some eggs for the grown-ups to find, then she gave us clues. Big clues.
Hope you're having a great week!

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