Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, Baby Boy!

Keaton's 22nd birthday was March 20th, but he's home right now so we enjoyed a belated celebration. Emma chose a card for him
and some stickers that she knew he would love. The fact that they are animal stickers and that animals are her favorite thing had nothing to do with her choice, I am sure. 
Horrible picture of Tiffany, but we all laugh because she loves Rick's lap. When we got married eons ago, Rick said he would never own a fru-fru lapdog with a bow in its hair. I think he's forgotten that he said that because we own 3 of them!
Us with our baby.
Ew. Yucky photo of me. Keaton is sooo photogenic. I'm jealous. :)
Brittany took the above photos. Emma stood behind her and made this face to make us laugh. 
Emma helped Keaton blow out his candles.
They were trick candles and kept relighting themselves.
She tried...
and she tried...
until the cake was well sprayed with spit. But hey, it was chocolate cake! What's a little spit among family? LOL

See, Mama~I told you I'd post something today! 

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arlene said...

Happy belated birthday to Keaton & I"m glad to see there is still hope for a lap dog with bows in my future too as I still get the "not for me" speech right now.

BTW - Love Emma trying to blow out the trick candles