Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Blast from Our Prehistoric Past

Rick and I grew up in the slide era~photographic slides, not playground slides. (Well, those too, but you know what I mean.) So there aren't many actual photos of us as kids. Rick's brother, Michael, has been scanning old slides from their family. He recently sent us these photos of our 1980 high school graduation, none of which I had ever seen. 

So here we are, starstruck and head-over-heels-in-love when we were 17. Rick had hair. I was a bleached blonde and thought I was sooooooooo fat. I would give my cushy tushy to be that fat again! You can see my teddy bear necklace in this photo. That was my first gift from Rick. He gave it to me at our high school prom which was a few weeks before our graduation. I still have it. :) Oh, check out my Farrah Fawcett hair, ha ha!
My mom made my graduation dress for me. Pretty dress but uuuuggggglllllllyyyyyy hair! The 1980s were so not good for hair. 
And here are some very sentimental photos which brought tears to my eyes. In this one, Rick is with his dad, Tom, who died in 2004. 
 Here's Rick with his grandma, Renee Quinn. Let's see...she was 83 in this photo and was still young! She lived to be 105! That's me on the left side, staring at my super hot boyfriend. :)
Rick's mom, Anne, and grandma are both in this one. Renee was Anne's mother. If you look between Renee and Rick, you can see my brother, Dave. To the right of Rick, you can see the back of my mom's head (the red hair). BTW, her name is Victoria. Next to her is her mother, Susan. My grandma died in 1991 at the age of 86.
Here are Rick and his younger sister, Mary. 
And this photo made me laugh! It's of Rick giving his valedictorian speech. This shows why digital cameras are so awesome!
 What a nice stroll down memory lane. Somehow, between then and now, I've aged. Guess that's what 32 years does to you. Yet I'm still crazy in love with my high school boyfriend. :)

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