Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

A few weeks ago, in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, Emma's preschool class enjoyed a "Wacky Wednesday." Emma was sick and missed school that day, so we did our own "Wacky Wednesday." (Yes, mom, I realize that I am, by definition, wacky and therefore EVERY Wednesday should be thus titled~but I'm using this as a reason to post some photos of Emma for you, so just go with it! Ha ha!)

This is how Emma arrived at 6:30 AM. It's kind of hard to see everything she did. She wore a skirt over her pants, an inside-out shirt, Mommy's scarf, her kitty hat backwards, and a ring pop (a lollipop on a ring) instead of a real ring.
And then she showed me her feet.
Since it was Wacky Wednesday, I assumed that breakfast should be wacky as well. So I gave her cereal on a plate with a fork, muffins and cookies in a cereal bowl with a spoon, and water in a coffee cup with a straw. I think this was Emma's favorite part of the day! (And yes, I openly admit that I gave my granddaughter cookies for breakfast. Several cookies. Maybe even more than that. Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies to be exact. They were right out of the freezer, which is how Thin Mints should always be eaten.)

And yes, I did take her out in public in this ensemble. It wouldn't have been very wacky had we stayed inside in all day. Lucky for me no one at the grocery store called Child Services.

And since today is also a Wednesday, I decided to be wacky myself and get in my pajamas at 5:00. Though that doesn't make today any different from yesterday, the day before, or the day before that. 

Here's a photo I took a few weeks ago when we had what turned out to be our only measurable snow for the season. Unless you count the blizzard we had in October, but that was wacky. I like the way the flag is juxtaposed with the snowy background. I took this looking out my front door.
As if having so little snow wasn't wacky enough, we had several 80 degree days two weeks later. We never see 80 degrees here before the end of June. Wacky, I tell you!

Hope your Wednesday was full of wacky fun!

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